Jan 17, 2013

[KPOP Review] Mine MV by Kim Jaejoong

Without a doubt January 2013 is a Jaejoong month. I just recently watched The Jackal Is Coming which is full of Jaejoong-awesomeness that I felt a certain level of euphoria watching every scene that he's in. Today, he released the MV of Mine, the second track of his latest mini album that blew my mind. And next week he will celebrate his birthday.

But before Jeje gets the chance to blow his candles, I'm going to put on my KPOP fan girl hat and review the Mine MV. Why in the world would I do that? Well, "그냥..."

Like my other reviews of JYJ and Xia Junsu MVs I thought I'll just go with the flow here and write whatever that comes to mind but I might not be able to finish this review at all, so I'll just write about three(3) things. Let me start with the MV itself...

The MV

Wow! The MV is gorgeous. I literally had to watch it three times before I can get a grip of myself from gawking at its superb quality. It is visually stunning, breathtakingly mysterious and beautifully dark. It's like watching a trailer of an upcoming paranormal movie. For one thing, the animals in the video gives off that feel of a paranormal movie. It was previously revealed that its concept revolved around "dark angel" and they hit that concept quite perfectly.

Personally, it reminds me so much of the anime with dark theme that I've watched a long time ago.


Among the boys of Dong Bang Shin Ki, Jaejoong has the voice that can stir different kind of emotions for the listeners. I for one always get teary-eyed listening to him sing. I first heard him in the OST of A Millionaire's First Love with the song 인사. I love that song so much it made me cry. The point is, I love him in that sultry voice when he sings ballad. In the song Mine, Jaejoong reinvents himself and sang a rock song and you know what? It rocked my world! I love every second of it! Who knew I would love a balladeer more when he can sing a rock song with as much passion as a ballad. It just goes to show that Jaejoong is a versatile singer.

This is not the first time that I heard him sing a rock song (they have tapped that genre in Japan as Tohoshinki) but it certainly is a fresh offering to my present KPOP-wired ears.

I checked out the lyrics before posting this and now that I know what the song is all about, I'm loving it more. I think the deciphering of the lyrics will be worth another blog post...

(emphasis on the tattoo. Weee!)
Jaejoong, oh Jaejoong. What will I do with you? I know you are hot before but can you get any hotter than this? You owe me big time if my ovaries won't function properly after this. LOL. Seriously, I will say it out loud that the boys of JYJ just keeps getting better and better in their craft. After Xia's Tarantallegra, it's now Jaejoong's turn to wow the KPOP world. Jaejoong's venture to Kdramaland has honed his acting skills and the countless interaction with famous and renowned people in the music field has given him the chance to grow as a musician and as a singer.

Jaejoong, even if you were supposed to be a "dark angel" in this MV, I'm still seeing you as a vampire you know. With that eyes and fangs, can you blame me? I have asked in my review of Get Out if you are trying to be the Edward Cullen of Korea. Well... I guess this is your answer to that question. Thank you for answering that one, Jeje.

After all the the hardships that Jaejoong and the boys of JYJ has gone through, I believe that they deserve the recognition and praise that they have received in the past years. I am proud of being their fan and I'm looking forward to seeing Jaejoong succeed once again with this mini album. It's doing good so far!

Behold the Angel X Vampire that will rock the world!

Well... That concludes my review of Jaejoong's Mine MV. A fan has to write about this masterpiece, right? Off to sleep! ^_^


  1. I agree with you on everything. Even the video is worth deciphering--especially the "freed from shackle" scene. I really think it means something. :D

    As for the vampire act, I don't think he's being Edward Cullen. Cullen is too "shining, shimmering, splendid" for a video that is "beautifully dark". I was thinking that he's the Korean Vampire Lestat, and I want him to suck all the blood out of me. LOL!

    Ah! I can't to get my hand on his mini album next month. :D

  2. I totally agree with you. The music video is so cool. The picture quality is superb and the sound quality is just too awesome. Nice review!