Nov 16, 2014

Pure Love and plot twist

Pure Love aka the Philippine remake of the Korean drama 49 Days aired its final episode last Friday and whaddayaknow, the production team made a major plot twist that is different from the original. A lot different that it's worth blogging about.

The girl who went through the 49-day journey lived!

Yes, you read that right. Diane (Ji Hyun in the Korean version played by Nam Gyu Ri) lived through the whole ordeal and it's her father instead who rode the elevator to the afterlife. I can't believe it myself so the first thing I did after the credits rolled was grab my DVD copy of the original and watch episode 20. I thought maybe I got the original ending wrong and Ji Hyun didn't die but no such luck. There is no way I could forget about that ending. It's still the most depressing finale to a drama I have seen in recent years and I kind of wish I could re-write it.

Diane not being dead in the Philippine version finale was the answer to that wish. I admit I don't really like the local version of the drama and only watched it because my Mom is a regular viewer and she has power over the remote control. I hate how slow it was and half the time I am so infuriated by Bae Soo Bin and Lee Yo Won's counterpart in this version. So the show really redeemed itself with the ending. This is the ending I want for the original. An ending that appreciates and celebrates life after dodging an appointment with death.

I can think of two reasons why the prod team chose this ending. One is that it's greatly influenced by the fact that the Philippine audience likes happy endings. No matter how absurd the entire run of our TV dramas it has to have a happy ending no matter what. The second reason is Alex Gonzaga. The show was made for her and it won't be right to kill off the star of the show, original material be damned. Or maybe Alex's fans did a petition to spare their idol's character. Whatever the case, I'm so glad I got this ending.

I don't like remakes in general but I give my approval to Pure Love. Well, not the whole of it just the ending and Matt Evans. Hah!

Nice one, Kapamilya Network.


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