Jan 25, 2012

One year with Running Man

This month I celebrate my one year of being a Running Man fan. Cheers for fangirl milestone like this. I couldn't be more proud of being a Running Man follower!

Jan 20, 2012

[Movie Review] Breaking Dawn Part 1

This blog chronicled my Twilight Saga journey and I'm writing this one for the heck of it. This will be short... 

Jan 16, 2012

First Drama of 2012

The holidays are long over and it's time to go back to the real world. Uhmm... real world where fantasies come to life by urging you into full-time fangirl mode, hurting and/or damaging your already malfunctioning eyes, and ruining your chance for a good night sleep. Oh! But I'm not complaining... it's time to go back to Kdramaland!