Mar 31, 2013

Drama Expectations: Sageuk will be my crack of the year... I hope.

If my tweets tells me anything, it is the fact that the first quarter of 2013 has gone by without giving me my drama crack! The first quarter is usually the time when dramaland is full of new shows to get the fans excited. I remember 2011 gave me Dream High and 2012 gave me The Moon That Embraces The Sun and Shut Up Flower Boy Band. Good times, good times.

Mar 20, 2013

Monday Couple returns

A picture paints a thousand words so what does this picture (or screencap. whatever) paints???

*incoherent spazzing after the jump, proceed at your own risk*

Mar 16, 2013

[Book Review] Northanger Alibi by Jenni James

Time for another book review!

I'm going to write about The Northanger Alibi by Jenni James. A contemporary retelling of the classic novel Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen with a sprinkle of Twilight. Who's ready for a story of an Edward Cullen fantasy come to life?! Here goes...

Claire Hart is your typical sixteen year-old who wants to be out there and experience her firsts in life. First kiss, first boyfriend and first out-of-a-book romance. For the summer break she landed herself in Seattle  Washington, home state of Edward Cullen nonetheless. While in Seattle she experienced everything that she ever wanted except it's a lot better because she got to experience it the way Bella did with vampires and werewolves... or so she thought.

Oh my Yoo Seung Ho!

I first saw this young man in the 2010 drama God of Study. A smart high school student who took the challenge of getting admitted in a prestigious University with sheer hard work...

I watched him next in Arang and the Magistrate as the mischievous Jade Emperor. Despite the hideous wig, I held on to Arang because of him.

Mar 3, 2013

[Movie Review] A Werewolf Boy

"A loner girl moves to a new town and finds herself entangled in the life of a mysterious boy that gave meaning to her lonely world."


Sounds like the entire plot of Twilight eh? In that context A Werewolf Boy is similar to Twilight but the similarity between the two movie started and ended within that description. A Werewolf Boy in its entirety is no Twilight...