Mar 29, 2014

[K-Drama Review] Mimi

I was excited for Mimi for only one reason and that reason is Shim Changmin. No more, no less. The last time I saw Changmin in a drama was in 2011's Paradise Ranch and I am curious to know if his acting improved or stayed as stiff and cringe-worthy as before. Of course, I also can't miss the chance to fangirl over Oppa. I dived into Mimi hoping against hope that I will get a good drama out of this one. I can even forgive a bad drama if I can see a newly-improved Changmin. Fingers crossed!

When I finished this drama the first thought I had was that I'm so glad it only has four episodes. The one month spent alternately liking and hating this drama is more than enough, thank you very much. You see, I am not a fan of tragic first love stories and never will be. Crying over spilled milk is not my idea of fun and to dedicate an entire drama for that is my achilles heel. So forgive me if I zoned out a lot while watching the drama. My bad.

The one redeeming factor of this drama is the music. The music is beautiful. It heightened up the emotions in key points in the drama. At the first half of the drama, the song "Breath" (by Jonghyun and Taeyeon) was used many times to convey the feeling of sadness and of wanting to hear the voice of someone you love. Among all the songs featured in the drama, I like "Because I Love You" the most. The lyrics goes like this;

"I am only giving you scars but someday you will understand my heart,
I may regret leaving you but it's because I love you,
I can't forget that I love only you but I need to erase you and my sadness
I may reget it, but goodbye my love."

It's a great song and reflects the final thoughts of the hero and heroine of the drama. The emotions are even magnified three times because it was sung by Changmin himself. Min Woo sung the song himself!

And then there was Changmin's acting. He is still stiff but I cringe less watching him in Mimi so I guess that's an improvement, right? He was particular good in the scenes where Mimi talked to him for the last time and that scene in the hallway where he silently cried one last time for Mimi. I felt Min Woo's pain and sadness there and for that Changmin did a good job as an actor. So I guess I got what I came here for.

Mimi is not the best drama I've watched but I don't regret watching it. Because the time spent fangirling over oppa and watching him pull off a high school character is never a waste of time.

Annyeong, Mimi!

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