Jan 8, 2013

[K-Drama Review] White Christmas

"Are monsters born or are they made?"

If you want to know the answer to that question, you have to watch White Christmas or you can read this post. *wink* I promise you it will be a fantastic K-drama experience. It will play with your psyche and you'd eventually ask yourself, will I become a monster or am I already?

I stumbled upon White Christmas last year while searching for a drama that starred Sung Joon. I was high on the Sung Joon drug after watching his awesome performance on Shut Up! Flower Boy Band and I craved to watch his previous projects. Without hesitating I dived into this drama for my fill of Sung Joon-awesomeness. Plus I read a lot of reviews that said White Christmas is a must-see drama.

Sung Joon's character. The brainiac!

White Christmas is a psychological thriller that centered on eight high school students. Each one of them has a skeleton buried deep in their closet, so to speak. It started with a mysterious letter, followed by the search for its sender and then it progressed into an entirely new mystery that was beyond any of them initially thought of.

I was on the edge of my seat the entire time I watched this drama. The guessing game and the toying of the question above will keep anyone interested. But it didn't stop there, it gave more. It was written perfectly to satisfy the mystery-savvy fans, it has a stunning cinematography, a story that will blow the mind and a cast that are mostly newbies in the acting field but delivered performances that will rival those of veterans.

I am glad that I have watched such a masterpiece and I am happy to be part of its fandom. It gave my brain something to think about. It made me pause to evaluate my psyche above anything else. Plus it gave me a whole bunch of Korean actors to ogle at.  Kim Woo Bin! Lee Soo Hyuk! Kim Young Kwang! Oh yeah!

As for the question above, I will leave you this as an answer:

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