Jun 29, 2012

[Review] The Vampire Diaries Season 3

I owe my love for TV dramas to American series. Ten years ago I was so hooked to Alias. I didn’t care that it had a very late night airing here in the Philippines and I have to beg my Mom to let me watch it even though my TV curfew was 9PM. Also, I have to constantly remind myself not to miss an episode because if I miss one, there is no hitting the rewind button. Yikes! Those were the days when DVD, live streaming and download were not yet in my vocabulary. You see, before I even knew my first love Vic Zhou I already had a huge crush on a drama actor, someone unreachable and way older than me. Yup! It’s Michael Vartan. If you know him I’m sure you are one of those peeps who wanted to become a spy when you were younger. HAHA. So this is the first time I’m going to write about an American TV series not because I don’t watch those but because I am too wired to Asian dramas these past few years and I don’t care whether my blog doesn't have anything Hollywood in it! But things change and all that.

So much for an introduction... 

The TV series that I’m going to write about is The Vampire Diaries! Surprise, surprise!

Jun 16, 2012

[K-Drama Review] Rooftop Prince

Rooftop Prince may not be the best among the dramas lately, story-wise or ratings-wise, but if given the chance to choose again (and I'd tell you it was no easy feat to choose between Park Yoochun, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Joon Hyuk. Hmp!), I'd gladly waste my 20 hours with Park Ha and The Power Rangers all over again. Good story and good acting be damned. I can always get back to The King 2 Hearts and Equator Man any time I want. Hello dramacrazy and DVD! But the time I spent following Lee Gak and the Joseon gang was precious for me as a Cassie and as a sageuk-crazed fan.

Now that I got that out, let's get to the good stuff...