Mar 29, 2017

[K-Drama Review] Uncontrollably Fond

Melodrama is not my cup of tea. I don’t like how angsty and intense it could get. Melodramas tend to heighten all kinds of emotions that my logical brain will automatically dismiss it as something that is not even possible in real life. I steer clear of melodramas but it doesn’t mean I don’t watch them. I make exemptions if a favorite actor takes on a lead role in a melodrama and I would turn a blind eye on the plot if it meant I could have my dose of Oppa awesomeness.

Jan 16, 2017

[K-Drama Review] Signal

Signal is definitely the best of 2016. The sixteen hours or so I spent watching it is definitely worth it. The rave about it on blog reviews are seriously overwhelming so I decided to watch half of Signal on work nights (and even sneak a peek during a conference. lol) and binge-watch the remaining half on a weekend. It caused abnormal sleeping pattern this week, larger than normal eye bags and moody attitude at work but damn was it worth it. I don't regret any second of it. In a year of generally poor choices in terms of Korean dramas I watched in their entirety, Signal saved the year for me. (well, technically I just finished watching it and it's now 2017. heh) I was ready to take a break from Korean dramas but Signal brought back my love for it enough to get myself back to blogging. Oh yeah!