Dec 31, 2013

A Decade of Asian Dramas

This year marks my tenth year of being an Asian drama fan. It's been a decade since Meteor Garden graced my television screen and spurred a passion in me to obsess over fictional worlds and characters unique to Asian dramas. Over the years the pile of fave dramas, fave actors and favorite genres have accumulated in my drawer of good stuff that I almost didn't notice that I've come back full circle to my predicament ten years ago. That is to wave the second male lead flag knowing he will never get the girl at the end. Yes, the second male lead syndrome is strong with me.

Dec 29, 2013

A crackless 2013 in Dramaland

I feel like Kdramaland has betrayed me big time this year because when I was asked what's my top 3 korean dramas of 2013, I had to stop and think hard on my answer. After a full minute I am still not quite sure with my answer, I even asked if it's okay to include a Japanese drama? pfft!, I knew right then and there that 2013 is not a happy ride for me in Kdramaland.

It came to a point where I can't even call a certain drama a crack no matter how much I enjoyed watching it. I am always searching for that one tiny ingredient to make it click but I couldn't find that in any of the drama I watched this year. I also have a serious case of second lead syndrome. That's the problem when one writes a swoon-worthy second lead that overshadowed the main lead. It's just natural to root for the guy who will never have the girl, fist pump and all! Maybe that explains why I didn't write even a single drama review this year... or maybe I'm just lazy.

Dec 17, 2013

Very Merry Xmas from Tohoshinki

Very Merry Xmas, everyone!
I'm so excited for my boys' comeback in Korea to celebrate their 10th year anniversary! Wee~~~ A decade of beautiful music, jam-packed concerts, awesome music videos, hilarious variety shows, addictive dramas and a lot more. I love these guys so much that no matter how rough the road is, no matter how much tears I shed, I'm still keeping my faith.

TVXQ's anniversary will be on the 26th but they will have their comeback early in January next year so for now I'm going to quench my thirst of Dong Bang Shin Ki awesomeness with this beautiful song. It's season appropriate!