Jan 29, 2013

TVXQ, force behind Another Wedding

"TVXQ's song Humanoids is blasting through the car stereo. A young woman is on her way to meet the wedding planner. It's a beautiful day to start planning an event that will change a girl's life forever.

The groom is 12 years older than her. When asked what she has to say about that, she'd say... "Age doesn't matter when you're in love. All I know is that because of him I cried for the first time since TVXQ disbanded."

A few days later, together with her Cassiopeia friends, the young woman flew off to Singapore to attend TVXQ's Asia Tour Concert. After all, she has to say goodbye to them before she got married. Especially to Yunho-oppa.

When she got home she married the man she love as much as she loved the rising gods of the east... And they lived happily ever after."

... well, sorf of.

Actually, that's not entirely the plot of Another Wedding. It's just the tip of the iceberg. But that's how I want to promote this drama because I'm a Cassiopeia like the girl in the story and hell if I won't egg on that story line. hehe

Another Wedding is a Drama Special by KBS. A one-episode drama that aired last December. The story is, in fact about Chae Ha Kyeong, a wedding planner, who is given the job that can land her a managerial post. The job is to plan the wedding of Eun Minse, daughter of a huge Japanese investor. The daughter is the young woman in the story above and the fiancé is Ha Kyung's ex-husband, Seo In Jae. Ha Kyung and In Jae has that case of "right love at the wrong time", and they divorced five years ago. Seeing each other for the first time after the divorce brought upon a bag full of memories and hard realizations. Hmmm... If you want to know the ending, happy or not, you have to watch Another Wedding to find out! :D

Now this is the part where I'll drew up the fact that the mention of TVXQ's name in this drama is not entirely random at all. This is a well-planned scheme to give Cassiopeia a taste of nostalgia. And if you caught on that hint, I'm proud of you sister! You are DAEBAK!

Here it goes...

The three main actors, Hong Soo Hyun, Fujii Mina and Jin Yi Han, have all made a project together with TVXQ. Ranging from the latest to the not-so-latest.

Jin Yi Han portrayed the role of  Young Hwi in the 2012 drama Time Slip Dr. Jin. Young Hwi is the best friend of Kim Kyung Tak, Kim Jaejoong's character in the drama.

Fujii Mina appeared in the music video of Tohoshinki's どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?(Why did I fall In Love With You).  The MV tells the story of a man who fell in love with the girl but the girl got married before he could confess his feelings.

and Hong Soo Hyun worked with the boys of Dong Bang Shin Ki earlier in her career. She co-starred in two of TVXQ's SBS Banjun Drama in 2006. Finding Lost Time and Tokyo Holiday.

Finding Lost Time with Yoochun

Tokyo Holiday with Yunho

So there it is people! Isn't that awesome and so not random at all?! I knew this will be a drama worth watching the moment I heard Humanoids in the background. ^_^

What do you think of this drama and its connection to TVXQ? Please let me know in the comment box below. AKTF!

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