Jan 28, 2013

OTP is back together in Ad Genius

I'm so happy!

Jo Hyun Jae and Han Chae Young are back together in a drama!!!

This is too much! They are the K-Drama couple that I shipped so hard in my early years of being a K-drama fan. I mean, who wouldn't?  Their chemistry is so above the charts I can literally feel the sparks when I see them together. They were the couple that I wished would get married and have dozens of babies. If only Han Chae Young is not married yet. Aigoo!

Anyhow, I loved them in the 2005 drama Only You. It was the primary cause of commotion in our dormitory before. Everyone would be at the TV room and all kind of hell broke loose. After 8 years, I never thought that they would be paired up again! Drama gods, I love you!!!

Jo Hyun Jae and Han Chae Young will star on Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek together with Jin Goo and Park Ha Sun. I don't care what this drama will pull this time, whatever it is I'M 101% IN!!! But please, drama, just give me lots and lots and lots of cute scene with them together! and probably, some other nasty little scenes, if you know what I mean, *wink wink* I'll promise you, I'll spazz around like crazy! I've done crazy in the past week actually. I'm back lurking at Soompi. OMG!

Ad Genius will premiere on February 4. Alarm, SET!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omnQjBaRBB8&w=400&h=225]


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