Aug 24, 2012

[KPOP Review] Uncommitted MV by Xia Junsu

Actually, this is not a KPOP MV but the artist is, first and foremost, a KPOP artist who happens to be singing an English song.

Prior to the release of the full music video I didn't watch any of the teasers. I want to experience (for once) the pleasure of watching a video and listening to a song without a clue on what's in it or what’s it about. The memory of that Tarantallegra teaser that nearly ruined my excitement for a new Junsu song is still fresh and I don't want to experience that again. Tarantallegra was, after all, a beautiful song with a highly-praised devil-may-care MV. It was just the teasers that ruined it for me.

I was online the minute the full MV of Uncommitted was released and I went to YouTube faster than I can say Tarantallegra. I had the intention of focusing on the music video and understanding it before I blurt out nasty comments but when I was watching it I was distracted with the English or rather Junsu’s English-language speaking skills.

Okay.  Just shoot me now!

I spent a good three hours deciphering the lyrics like it’s the freakin’ Da Vinci Code. I refused to look it up on Google. I see it as a challenge to myself if I can get all the words right just by listening to Junsu. I’ve got no problem with that because I love hearing Junsu’s voice. *insert moony-eyed me.* The MV was on repeat for I don’t know how many times until my brain gave up and refused to cooperate. But Hey! I just met you and this is crazy. But here’s my number so call me maybe! [A/N: Hahahahah! I finally inserted that line.] After three hours I got it all except these lines:

"...the safe picture she painted for me. 
...with her psychology.
...breaking hearts is a part of me.
it’s like it’s in my system and it would never leave." 
-  lyrics here 

Come on! I know you didn’t get that too just by listening to the song. For me it was gibberish. Bless Junsu for trying his best. That alone is major win.

With the lyrics in hand, I got into the business of understanding the song and the MV. The song was pretty good. Not that I am a flag bearer of the uncommitted community but it was nicely written. It’s got that American feel to it. Chosen right for the English market. I wonder how good the song will sound if Craig David or Chris Brown sang it? Not that I want it to be their song because Junsu rocked Uncommitted! I’ve expected so much and Junsu didn’t come short.

Now the MV is another matter. I want those girls assassinated! End of story.


Seriously, let me try to phrase what I understood about the MV.

There were two girls in the video, Blonde and Brunette. Blonde came to the picture first. She and Junsu were a happy couple fooling around in her bedroom, but as the story transitioned they fought and eventually broke up. After the break up, Junsu went partying, met Brunette in a bar and had the time of his life grinding around the dance floor like the freakin’ player that he is. I mean player that he is IN THE STORY. Then Junsu and Brunette go on a joy ride and end up somewhere where they flirted around some more. And that’s where the MV ended. I pretty much understood the sequence of events in the video but I’m confused who the girl Junsu is talking about in the song, is it Blonde or is it Brunette? I think it's Blonde or whatever. It's not my problem. HA!

After all the trouble I went through, I'll give Uncommitted MV a whooping 9/10 because I love Junsu and he is awesome as ever! (Don't ask for the missing 1 point, I don't know where it is.)

One last thing before I end this entry. Let me just say that after the initial head-scratching, I can honestly say that Junsu’s English is improving. I compared Uncommitted with I Can Soar and there’s no question which of the two songs is more understandable.

Uncommitted or not, you know you can't resist his charm.
Blue hair included.

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