Dec 31, 2012

Twelve K-Dramas of 2012

Another year has gone by. Another year spent in the beautiful world of Korean dramas. This is an addiction that I'm not asking for a rehab or therapy soon. The King of Dramas said that Hallyu is all about the money, I say it's all about the fan girl heaven that I feel each time I watch an episode. Edward Cullen said that Bella is his own brand of heroine, I say this is my heroine. I'll ride the Hallyu wave for as long as I can!

I wrote a post like this last year and I decided to write another one for 2012.

Dec 29, 2012

Thank you and goodbye, The Twilight Saga!

Before I say goodbye to 2012, I'd like to write something about the saga that had a global grip on the hearts of teenagers, young adults and just about everyone with a hopeless-romantic bone in their body.

This is my final tribute to the movie franchise that romanticized vampirism and painted the cold-blooded creatures in a new way, a sparkly kind of way.

Dec 21, 2012

[K-Drama Review] Full House Take 2

No matter how much I force my brain to recall all the good stuff that Full House Take 2 had surprisingly pulled out in its whole run, I always came out with one thing only. That one thing is this drama's magnetic force. I'm talking about the bromance between Tae Ik and Kang Hee a.k.a. The TAKE ONE Duo.

Dec 15, 2012

A Fan Account on the Full House Series

Eight in the morning. A girl is tending to a bed of roses and daisies assigned to her by the TLE teacher. Suddenly she heard a girlish shriek from a distance,

"Borzzz! Nindot kaayo ang episode sa Full House gabii! Kyaaaaah!"
(Borzzz! Last night's episode of Full House is so awesome! Kyaaaaah!")

The world faded in the background while the two girls and four of their close friends succumbed to the call of fangirling that day.

Dec 12, 2012

[K-Drama Review] Arang and The Magistrate

I followed this drama faithfully while it was airing in Korea but it took me almost two months to write a review. You know that thing called laziness? It can strike any time. My love for Arang prevailed and it's better late than never!

Arang and The Magistrate is that drama that has a solid plot based on a Korean myth, a fascinating tale that was written carefully for maximum audience satisfaction, a great cast and lots of pretty but still came out underrated. It may be underrated but for me, Arang is a gem in this year's drama offering.

Dec 7, 2012


"You and her... EPIC!"
- Caroline Forbes on Stefan and Elena

You and me both, sister! STELENA all the way!

Last week when I watched Episode 7 of Season 4, for the first time in my three years of being a TVD fan I cried for having too much feels. Stefan and Elena's break-up and the events after that are just too heart-breaking. It took me one week to digest everything and after one week I still have the  urge to write a blog post about it. So I'm writing this no matter what. I badly need to get this out of my system.

Dec 1, 2012

First day of Christmas

It's the first day of December 2012 and Christmas is just around the corner.