Nov 24, 2013

[Movie Review] The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Waiting is normal for a fan. Be it waiting for a new book from a favorite author, a new album from a favorite artist, a new season of a favorite show, the next installment of a movie series... once a person brand herself as a fan, it goes without saying that she should have the patience to wait for what comes next.

It is never easy. Especially if what you're waiting for is a follow-up movie adaptation of a book trilogy you've read a long time ago. It's like torture.

But waiting comes with a reward. The feeling of finally being able to check a movie off your list is strangely gratifying. What more if the movie is not just good, but better than you think it would be. That everything you imagined while reading the book is faithfully translated and the movie still has a lot to offer. That's what happen with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. It's awesome! It's definitely worth the wait!

Nov 21, 2013


It is said that you're not a true Answer Me 1994 fan if you don't choose which team you are part of, no in-between, no protecting your shipper heart. It is full on dance of joy or a weeping mess at the end of this drama. So let me say it out loud that I am TEAM CHILBONGIE! For better or for worse.

Even before I started watching Answer Me 1994 I am always Team Chilbongie or to be precise, Team Yoo Yeon Seok. I like Yoo Yeon Seok, I like him a lot. He played undesirable characters before (Architecture 101, A Werewolf Boy, Gu Family Book) but I never really had the heart to truly hate him even if he tried his hardest. How can I hate that pretty face, right? (and yes, I am shallow. HAHA) What I did is the opposite, I became his fan and I waited for drama production companies to offer him a leading role because that face and talent is male lead material. Anyone who said otherwise will be dead meat. Lol

When news broke out that he got a part in Answer Me 1994, I got uber excited. This is it! Finally! Yoo Yeon Seok as the leading man... or is he?

Nov 19, 2013

Answer Me Strikes Back

When I wrote the post Drama Expectation 2: Answer Me Future Top Team Heirs I used the poster of Answer Me 1994 as the featured image. I put it out there as a sign of good faith that the drama will be awesome and that it would satisfy my expectation if not exceed it. Among those four dramas I talked about I would give everything for AM1994 to be a success, ratings-wise and story-wise, because I love its predecessor with all the good stuff it has given me last year and I'd like to witness that kind of craziness once again.

Well well well... I'm happy to report that Answer Me 1994 did it! It has exceeded my expectation! Story-wise it's as good as the Answer Me drama we had last year and ratings-wise, it's raking in double digits in real-time. Hooray! Congratulations Team!