Sep 24, 2013

Drama Expectations 2: Answer Me Future Top Team Heirs

Here I am again to blab about my drama expectations of win. I have decided to make this a series of posts so that I can look back and assess how that excitement paid off at the end. On my first post I talked about how I hope sageuk will be my drama crack this year and it turned out to be a sour taste in my drama watching this year.

Over the last two months I have only watched ONE drama because I'm lazy I don't find the other currently-airing dramas as interesting as Master's Sun. I also got my hands full with variety shows. I'm currently addicted to Dad Where Are We Going, Our Neighborhood's Master of Sports and Variety, Running Man and Grandpas Over Flowers. I love these shows to the bones.

Sep 15, 2013

She's just being Miley

From the music video of We Can't Stop to her twerktastic performance on MTV Video Music Awards, Miley is the trending topic for a while now. But she didn't stop there, on September 13 she released the music video of Wrecking Ball and, dude, did we all watched it slack-jawed. Miley is yet again the topic of conversations online and even offline.