Sep 17, 2011

[KPOP Review] In Heaven MV by JYJ

You know a fan can't get enough of her idol when she can't stop writing about them eventhough no one cares. [...So what? I'm a frustrated writer who happens to own a blog. More entries, more satisfaction, ayt? And I'm a fan! My idols are what I write about! *angsty mode*...] That is what I'm doing now. I'm back for another JYJ blog. (",)v

Okay! I'm here to dissect the In Heaven MV earnestly but I know (to myself) I can't do that so let's just go with the flow. This is a work between a serious critic and a glaze-eyed Cassie... crazy combination.

I'll admit the first time I saw the MV I was super sleepy thus decreasing the effect that Junsu usually has on me. (I saw the video at around 11:30pm on the 14th. I was that excited. I even watched the leaked one. Heh.) But 6 minutes of watching In Heaven made the late night vigil worth it. There are so much I love about it and I've pointed it out here as follows:

* Sleepy or not I noticed first the contact name that appeared on Junsu's phone when Ji Hyo called him during the presentation --- URI JI HYO. Sweet! I looove little details like that in movies and MVs. It makes the characters as real as it is possible. (and cheers to my Hangeul reading skills! *ahem*)

* The epic use of calendar and refrigerator. Brilliant! The calendar symbolism has been used a lot but the use of it in this MV made the story flow more understandable. (If it isn't that transparent anyway. Lol)

* The beautiful scenes. The video features the beauty of South Korea. Both the city and the countryside scene. It's charming and easy to the eyes. The makers also didn't forgot to give it a heavenly feel. How come everything feels so WHITE for me? (",)v

* Song Ji Hyo. I'm a fan of her for quite long a time now and I like the fact that she lent her acting prowess to help make In Heaven a peace of art. Although it feels like she is just a noona to Junsu (did you feel that when Junsu hugged her in the kitchen scene.. Or is it just me?), her acting is really good and convincing.

* The 'If Only' plot. It resembles one of the best tragic romance movie of my generation. From the sudden death of the neglected girlfriend, the time-turning and the boyfriend sacrificing his own life for the girl. It's tragic but it's a great love story. T.T

* The emphasis of Junsu's duck butt! I had to stop myself from bursting into loud laughter when I saw that. (It will surely wake the entire household.) It's a funny way to promote the MV when almost all Cassies love it when that butt is in action. Haha. So much for fan service eh? But I'll take it anytime! Bring more of it if you ask me.

* Last but not the least--- The song and the singers. The story behind how Jaejoong came up with this song gives me goosebumps. Literally. It's sweet and heartbreaking at the same time. It shows how big a human heart he has. T.T (Give me a minute... Relax. Breath.) Listening to Jaejoong Yuchun and Junsu sing has always been a hypnotic experience. I've listened to a lot of TVXQ5 songs and I must admit JYJ can not attain that godly combination of voices BUT I will NOT DENY that JYJ are the golden voices behind that combination. In Heaven just proved that to me. (I will not linger in that topic because I'm not taking sides. Hehe) The blending of their voices in the chorus is perfect with a capital P. The bridge is awesome! (the best part!) Individually their voices makes me want to cry, (Listen to their solo songs and you'll know what I mean) but combine them and you just might want to bawl right there and then. (Of course I'm not saying I cried when I heard Ayyy Girl. Listen to mellow songs if you want to go emo. Haha.)

The phrase 'In Heaven with JYJ' explains perfectly the experience of watching this MV.

In Heaven with this guys. 
So there I've written it and I can't believe I reached 7 asterisks! (Yehey!) That sums up my thoughts about In Heaven by JYJ.

I will stop babbling now because Get Out will be revealed on the 27th and I might ran out of words. Lol. (^^,)v


  1. sense-full review... every details meets my satisfaction... picking words that would truly make me continue reading this blog all the way till the very last period! goosebumps and moving my head up and down as i read indicates that i truly agreed and appreciate this article! good job! thumbs up!

  2. Thank you Micky for reading my blog and also for posting your comment here.. Nag-effort ka pa talaga.. I appreciate it a lot. ^^,

    I now have a motivation to write more JYJ and TVXQ blog entries in the future.^^ cheongmal gomawo!