Mar 23, 2010

[Jdorama Review] Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

It’s really hard to say goodbye to something that has been part of your weekly routine. And that includes watching Yamato Nadeshiko. But in all this years I have watched Kdrama and Jdrama, I think I’m getting used to it. I always believe that a series that gets too long will eventually get boring. That is why no matter how hard you try to hold on, you will always have to let go.

Ok, enough of the drama. I will now narrate my very own Yamato story.

It was late last year when I heard about the news of an upcoming live action version of Yamato Nadeshiko. I became ecstatic because I am a fan of the anime version and also a reader of the manga. It would be interesting to see it live and I was curious about the actors and actresses that will be part of the cast. I became one of the thousands who anticipated the airing of the first episode.

The first episode came. I admit that it was boring with a capital B. I almost fell asleep while watching it. If I was to rate it, I’ll give it a 2 out of 10. Owing to my love for the anime and manga, I gave the series another chance.

I don’t know what forced me to watch the next episodes. Maybe I was too bored with my life that I gave it attention. And it was on episode three that I got hit by Kyohei’s force. Gosh! How did I miss it? Kamenashi Kazuya is too hot to go unnoticed. And the other cast members are not that bad. They played the role very well. Form then on, I followed the release of every episode.

After three months, and I can’t believe how time passed by so fast, Yamato Nadeshiko live action is over. I watched the last episode yesterday. I didn’t expect that I will cry watching the ending. Kyohei and Sunako even kissed. The ending is very nice indeed.

So here are my thoughts about the series:
- Kamenashi is a hottie! I’m his fan now!
- I love the theme song. It’s good. KAT-TUN sang it well.
- I really like Sunako and Kyohei’s story. It’s one of a kind. I love it when Kyohei fell in love for Sunako despite the unconventional way she dress and the weird interests she has.
- I was so touched when they focused on Kyohei and Takeru’s family. It really is great when you have a family to love and to lean on.
- The friendship between Kyohei, Yuki, Takenaga and Ranmaru is amazing. They showed us that differences are not hindrance to a successful friendship.
- And lastly, learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all. (Cue: Xiah Junsu singing The Greatest Love Of All. It’s not related but I can’t help inserting it here. ^_^)

Yamato Nadeshiko – another great story. A drama that is worth watching. You surely don’t want to miss it.

Love your family, Love your friends and don’t forget to LOVE YOURSELF!!!

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