Sep 25, 2011

The Search for a New BOOK-TO-MOVIE Series

Now that the Harry Potter film series is officially over and the Twilight Saga will make its exit from the spotlight next year, I started a little project some months ago called "The search for new book-to-movie series to follow".

Fortunately, I've found some interesting books in Goodreads (that's where bookworms dig their holes. See you there!). I hurriedly downloaded the e-books, marathon read them and took some time to decide if I should join the fandom.

Here are 3 series I thought worth following (in random order):

Sep 22, 2011

A difference in Korean and Philippine showbiz

This is a short post but probably the most sensible post I have ever posted in this blog. It's something I thought about from the recent Kang Ho Dong scandal in Korea. (Read the news here and here.)
[Aigoo. -_- Kang Ho Dong-sshi fighting!!!]

Sep 21, 2011


Time and again Jae Chun Su proved that they are talents worthy of being admired and praised and I will not tire of declaring that to the world. (or anyone who visits this blog site.)

I've listened to the entire album already and bless them for being so damn good in their craft. Their music is their life and I can feel the heart at work when I listened to the songs. 'In Heaven' is still my favorite among the four new songs... blahh..blah..blah..

Sep 17, 2011

[KPOP Review] In Heaven MV by JYJ

You know a fan can't get enough of her idol when she can't stop writing about them eventhough no one cares. [...So what? I'm a frustrated writer who happens to own a blog. More entries, more satisfaction, ayt? And I'm a fan! My idols are what I write about! *angsty mode*...] That is what I'm doing now. I'm back for another JYJ blog. (",)v

Sep 15, 2011

Spazzing, IN HEAVEN with JYJ!

This past few days I've been spazzing about JYJ's upcoming korean album In Heaven in my facebook and twitter account. Most specially the music video.

September 6--- I saw the teaser and my first reaction was like...


Sep 13, 2011

Fanfiction spells F-U-N!

Fan fictions as defined in wikipedia are stories written by fans based on an original work. It is written purely for 'satisfaction'.

I am not a big fan of fanfics but it's not a foreign term for me either. I was in high school when I first read a fanfic online during the meteor-garden-fangirl phase of my life.. It was a story that had Hua Ze Lei and San Cai as the main couple. (memories memories... *sigh*) In college, I read only one fanfic. A Harry Potter fanfic that I borrowed from a friend. It's a story of a girl who came in to Hogwarts during Harry's fifth year and the rest I can only wish I can still remember.. -_-

art by inkylove34

Sep 3, 2011


The immensity of knowing that Deathly Hallows Part 2 is the last Potter movie was what kept me from writing this blog. I mean, I've known for years that it'll end one day but it doesn't stop me from feeling so sad...

Well, I have to write this one though.. So here it goes... This blog is a sign of acceptance that there'll be no Harry Potter film to anticipate next year and the years to come. -_-