Mar 29, 2014

[K-Drama Review] Mimi

I was excited for Mimi for only one reason and that reason is Shim Changmin. No more, no less. The last time I saw Changmin in a drama was in 2011's Paradise Ranch and I am curious to know if his acting improved or stayed as stiff and cringe-worthy as before. Of course, I also can't miss the chance to fangirl over Oppa. I dived into Mimi hoping against hope that I will get a good drama out of this one. I can even forgive a bad drama if I can see a newly-improved Changmin. Fingers crossed!

Mar 9, 2014

Let It Go: The fangirl's favorite version

Weeks after I saw the movie Frozen, it has become a massive global hit and the song “Let It Go" is now a worldwide phenomenon. It's not only because the movie and the song both received awards from Oscars but because the song is strangely addicting. If you go around YouTube, there you'll find thousands of covers and parodies of the song in different languages and different singing styles. I, myself, like to watch the funny ones with nonsense lyrics (translations).