About Me

I see myself as a critic, but most of the time the fanaticism-induced persona overrides my critical view on things. My mind is in a constant state of chaos while I'm awake and I tend to babble a lot in social networking sites and forums. I generally belong to a variety of fandom --- I am a self-proclaimed bookworm, a movie junkie, a pureblood Potterhead, a Kdramaholic, a Cassie, a KPOP fan, a music lover, and a full-time daydreamer! --- your stereotype fangirl.


A Pensieve is a Harry Potter object used to review memories.

A Fangirl's Pensieve started as a personal blog but as time goes by it evolved into a review and fan account blog. Now, it is a where I write my commentary on topics that are mainly pop culture related.

You can contact me through email:  myrpensieve@yahoo.com