Feb 26, 2014

12 Things I Learned About EXO (An EXO's Showtime Review)

In 2012, it was through a friend that I learned about EXO and because they were SM Town's maknae group I couldn't help but be curious about them. When they made their comeback with "Wolf", I was one of the thousands of fans who cheered for them.

From the day I watched Mama until they released Growl, I'd say I am an EXO fan but not to the fullest extent. I need to watch them in their own variety show so I can truly say I am EXOtic. Then came EXO's Showtime. The show that I've been waiting for. I anticipated the premiere more than I have ever anticipated other shows before. I am eager to know how they interact with each other and just how fun they are as a group.