Jan 16, 2017

[K-Drama Review] Signal

Signal is definitely the best of 2016. The sixteen hours or so I spent watching it is definitely worth it. The rave about it on blog reviews are seriously overwhelming so I decided to watch half of Signal on work nights (and even sneak a peek during a conference. lol) and binge-watch the remaining half on a weekend. It caused abnormal sleeping pattern this week, larger than normal eye bags and moody attitude at work but damn was it worth it. I don't regret any second of it. In a year of generally poor choices in terms of Korean dramas I watched in their entirety, Signal saved the year for me. (well, technically I just finished watching it and it's now 2017. heh) I was ready to take a break from Korean dramas but Signal brought back my love for it enough to get myself back to blogging. Oh yeah!