Sep 21, 2011


Time and again Jae Chun Su proved that they are talents worthy of being admired and praised and I will not tire of declaring that to the world. (or anyone who visits this blog site.)

I've listened to the entire album already and bless them for being so damn good in their craft. Their music is their life and I can feel the heart at work when I listened to the songs. 'In Heaven' is still my favorite among the four new songs... blahh..blah..blah..

Let's get to the point --- GET OUT MV is out!

It's out before the expected date. (A satiated fan here!) That's why I'm back not to point out the good stuff, I'm here to throw crazy comments at them. ???

[Disclaimer: I am a Cassie! Whatever you read below are products of my brain that has gone haywire. It's ME being RIDICULOUS. (",)v]

Here goes...


Why do I have a feeling that black hair doesn't suit him? His face is way too white to match the black. And what's with the eyes? It's way too dark on his white face. Are you trying to be the Edward Cullen of Korea Jaejoongie???


Dude! You need to eat more. You're becoming too skinny for your own good. But hey! I love you when your acting skills are at work.. Awesome! I'm just disappointed when you had to cover the F-word with the standard 'TOOT'. Curse you inappropriate language restrictions!. -_-


The wardrobe designer strikes again! Rawr. What's with the extra fabric on your clothes? You wore an apron-like clothes in 'Ayyy Girl' and you liked it, so you're wearing another kind in 'Get Out'? Psss..


- I like the car! It's RED! RED is CASSIOPEIA.
- Did you see Changmin and Yunho among the back-up dancers?!? OMG! You did not?? (lol. Just kidding! How I wish.)

La la la la la... It's not usual for me to make fun of my idols but I had fun doing that one. Haha! Let's just say for once I want to make a review that is out of the status quo. *.*

So before I go crazy (crazier than usual), I'll just say my final words before I end this series of JYJ spazz...

"GET OUT JYJ and pwn SME in the face!"

*evil laugh*


  1. nice! now I'm really a fan of you! your jyj's mv reviews are the best! shocks! every details make sense! i must admit, ima jyj big fan but i really don't know if i can write for them such good things like these blog! you rocks!

  2. Micky!!! Thanks for reading and commenting! I really do appreciate your kind words.^^

    If ever you open your own blog, please post the link here so I could read your works too.. Cassiopeia sisterhood rocks!^^