Sep 15, 2011

Spazzing, IN HEAVEN with JYJ!

This past few days I've been spazzing about JYJ's upcoming korean album In Heaven in my facebook and twitter account. Most specially the music video.

September 6--- I saw the teaser and my first reaction was like...


Omona! That is Junsu in the music video! "JUNSUUUU~ Ikaw na! Ikaw na talaga ang bida sa music video!

I've watched Yunho, Yoochun, Changmin and Jaejoong acting their own leading roles in Kdramas so I was very ecstatic when I saw Junsu in his own leading role in the video. It's not that big of a role but it's a start. Among us Cassies, we all know Junsu is the only one left in TVXQ without a Kdrama title attach to his name (except Scent of a Woman where he had a cameo). BUT don't let that lead you into thinking Junsu is not up for acting though, because he is as good an actor as anyone else. Maybe better because he do it live. Junsu is a theater actor and has two highly praised musicals in his name. He acted as Mozart (thus fans fondly calling him 'Xiahzart') and a Vietnam soldier in another. In both musicals Junsu received standing ovation. How awesome can Junsu get, right? Ü

An added bonus in the music video is Song Ji Hyo (one of my fave Korean actress. Frozen Flower anyone? Lol~) who played the part as Junsu's star-crossed lover. I am a happy fan! Ü

The other reason why I'm joining the hype brought by this release is that In Heaven is the first Korean album of Jaejoong Yuchun and Junsu as JYJ. They released a mini album last year but it's considered as an indie album release and JYJ didn't have the chance to promote it. In Heaven music video is also the first JYJ music video recorded in their native tounge Hangeul and shot in their home country Hanguk. That is something of an epic move for them. After all the drama revolving around JYJ, SM Entertainment and major Korean broadcasting stations, Jae-Chun-Su finally broke the odds and is now ready to conquer the music industry of their native Korea. JYJ is an example of patience and endurance and I am so proud of them. Ü

Korean and International Cassiopeia only hope they can promote their album in major music shows in Korea. *fingers crossed*


Today is September 15 and I'm like...

*_______* [sparkling eyes?! Banjjak banjjak!]

The wait is paid off. I've watched the MV for the nth time and I can't get enough of Junsu's duck butt! Lol~

Seriously, the MV reminded me of the Hollywood movie IF ONLY only this time it's 10x as awesome because of JYJ's music and Kim Junsu! Need I say more???

Here's the video. Enjoy! AKTF!

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