Sep 25, 2011

The Search for a New BOOK-TO-MOVIE Series

Now that the Harry Potter film series is officially over and the Twilight Saga will make its exit from the spotlight next year, I started a little project some months ago called "The search for new book-to-movie series to follow".

Fortunately, I've found some interesting books in Goodreads (that's where bookworms dig their holes. See you there!). I hurriedly downloaded the e-books, marathon read them and took some time to decide if I should join the fandom.

Here are 3 series I thought worth following (in random order):

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Boxed Set (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #1-5)


It's about the adventures of Percy, a demigod son of Poseidon, whose hands lie the fate of Olympus. Set on the familiar world of Greek Mythology were Olympus is located in Manhattan and demigods have their camp in Long Islands.

Comment: I saw the first movie in early 2010 and was fascinated, but when I read the book, I have to say it was 100 times better than the movie. I, and almost everyone in the fandom, was disappointed when the movie writers had to change some MAJOR events that were major turning points in the book. If they decide to go forward with the rest of the books they should at least be faithful to what happened in it. I'm patiently waiting for news on the second book being made into a movie, until then I'll keep my comments at bay.

The Mortal Instruments Boxed Set: City of Bones; City of Ashes; City of Glass (Mortal Instruments, #1-3)

2. THE MORTAL INTRUMENTS by Cassandra Clare

It's about Clary and Jace, two teenage Shadowhunters who must battle the dark forces that seems to continuously try (and try harder) to break them apart. [It's cheesey right? Haha. But I cannot define it better than that.] This story has five arcane worlds combined. Werewolves, faeries, vampires, warlocks and nephilims are fictional characters to expect in this one.

Comment: Personally, I liked the world that Clare introduced in TMI but I have some reservations on the movie. I don't like the actor that will act as Jace! For me that is a crucial factor in a movie, how can you scream for the lead if you don't like the actor right? Like PJ2, I still have to wait for the movie before I have to say anything else.

The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxset

3. THE HUNGER GAMES TRILOGY by Suzanne Collins

It's about Katniss, a young girl who joined and emerged as victor in a hunger game organized by the power-hungry Capitol and her journey as the face of the rebellion against that government. Set some years after human civilizations were completely wiped out off the face of the planet (apparently not entirely wiped out if their nation had survived. Haha)

Comment: I totally bought the story. It's bloody, dark and psychotic! Something out of the mainstream novels that I usually read. It's like my criminal mind has gone haywire from information overload. Unlike TMI, I love the cast! The first movie will be released on March 2012 followed by the second on November 2013. I'm rooting for this trilogy to make it big, and if it'll not, oh well I'm a happy fan of The Hunger Games nonetheless.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians has 5 books, The Mortal Instruments has 4 books (the remaining 2 are not released yet) and The Hunger Games has 3. Doing the math, I've read a total of 12 books (other book series not included) to satiate my hungry mind. I hope all that sleepless nights will not go into waste once I saw the movies and I hope in the future I can say that these series are worth following on the big screen. Fingers crossed to that!

Note: click on boxset image to view Goodreads members' review on each series.

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