Sep 13, 2011

Fanfiction spells F-U-N!

Fan fictions as defined in wikipedia are stories written by fans based on an original work. It is written purely for 'satisfaction'.

I am not a big fan of fanfics but it's not a foreign term for me either. I was in high school when I first read a fanfic online during the meteor-garden-fangirl phase of my life.. It was a story that had Hua Ze Lei and San Cai as the main couple. (memories memories... *sigh*) In college, I read only one fanfic. A Harry Potter fanfic that I borrowed from a friend. It's a story of a girl who came in to Hogwarts during Harry's fifth year and the rest I can only wish I can still remember.. -_-

art by inkylove34

It's only this year that I developed a habit of reading fanfics. I used my huge spare time to read them and write a few but I'm an epic fail on the writing part. I've got two fanfics as of the moment and it's attracting too much cobwebs in my hard drive. (^_^)v So I go back to reading most of the time..

I only read fanfics that feature my OTPs in Korean Pop and Korean drama. ^___^ My imagination is huge enough to accommodate those impossible yet satisfactory stories. I get to giggle, laugh, smile and enjoy a lot just by reading silly fanfics. That's the important part, I get to enjoy what I'm doing.

Fanfics are just stories made for fan pleasure and fan service but for me it's more than that. It's FUN fiction!

If you have lots of free time like me and you want to read super cool and awesome fanfics, you can go to wattpad (for Kdrama OTPs) and asianfanfics (for Kpop OTPs). Hundreds of stories are available there that can make your reading time a happy and enjoyable one.

Fan fiction is FUN. ^_^

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