Dec 29, 2012

Thank you and goodbye, The Twilight Saga!

Before I say goodbye to 2012, I'd like to write something about the saga that had a global grip on the hearts of teenagers, young adults and just about everyone with a hopeless-romantic bone in their body.

This is my final tribute to the movie franchise that romanticized vampirism and painted the cold-blooded creatures in a new way, a sparkly kind of way.

I had this post as a draft in my hard drive for quite some time now but I haven't had the chance to finish it because other fan girl stuff just keep popping around the corner. Better late than never! Here goes...

Breaking Dawn Part 2 ended the series with a bang! To use a Potter term to grade it, I'd definitely say it exceeds expectations. For me, at least. I guess that's the beauty of diving into the movie without reading or watching promotional materials before Breaking Dawn Part 2 was released. I didn't know that they'd put a twist into it! The ending in the book was not that interesting. Frankly speaking, it bore the hell out of me. But I certainly enjoyed how the movie turned out. Carlisle and Jasper died? WTF!!! You can't do that, screenplay writers! What do you think you're doing?! asdfghjkl!!!

BD2 certainly kept me on the edge of my seat and I went out of the movie house satisfied.

With that, another franchise has ended and it's now time to reminisce the time I spent being a Twihard. I learned about Meyer's creation back in 2008. I read the first book when a bookworm friend recommended it to me, but my reading speed increased when a Potterhead friend informed me that Robert Pattinson, who played Cedric Diggory in Goblet of Fire, got the role of Edward Cullen. Well, if they promote it like that they'll definitely catch my full attention.

So I marathon-read the series within two months, recommended it to friends, sung the OST (Decode, Supermassive Black Hole, I Caught Myself... Leave Out All The Rest!) in anticipation of the first movie and made a beeline to the theater on the first day of Twilight's showing. As far as I know the franchise hit it big after the first movie came out and the series became hot topic worldwide. People started calling themselves Team Edward or Team Jacob and all that other fandom shit. While the world made a fuss about the Saga, I retreated in a corner and became a silent fan and sometimes a vocal anti-fan. Whatever suits my mood.

I could argue that Bella and Edward's love story is epic in its own right if we see it through a romantic light. I can also debate that it is lame in a grander scheme of things. But in all fairness, The Twilight Saga is still one of the movie franchise that spurred millions of dedicated followers for its dreamy plot and dreamy cast or maybe for something else entirely that I failed to notice. It paved the way for paranormal romance to be mainstream. Books, TV series and movies that centered on vampires, lycanthropes and other mythical creatures are now seen everywhere. The Twilight Saga made that possible. Thus, it made history on its own.

I am glad I was part of this crazy. In all sense, it was an interesting 4 years of following The Twilight Saga no matter how much I became less dedicated at the end. So thank you and goodbye, The Twilight Saga!

I will leave you with an image of Jamie Campbell-Bower who played Caius in the saga. He will be coming back to the big screen next year as Jace Wayland in The Mortal Instruments City of Bones. I am so excited for that movie and I hope it will do great just as The Twilight Saga. Go go go!

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