Dec 1, 2012

First day of Christmas

It's the first day of December 2012 and Christmas is just around the corner.

Christmas lights and decorations are already put up around our house and the neighborhood. Children are doing the traditional house-to-house caroling and I'm considering putting up a sign on our gate saying, "Kung hindi ninyo alam kantahin ang buong kanta, hindi kami magbibigay maski piso!". HAHA! Channeling my inner Grinch much? Oh well. I'd do that in a heartbeat because it annoys me to death if songs are not sang correctly. If I were them I'd sing Korean songs so no one would know that I'm messing with the lyrics. PSY's Gangnam Style is so popular right now that singing a Korean Christmas song wouldn't be weird anymore. Hmmm... On second thought if I hear someone messing with a Korean song I might just flip out or something.

Speaking of Korean songs, the first Christmas song that I heard this year is from the Korean Hallyu group, Super Junior. We rarely turn on our radio this days and it was only when I messed around with my sister's phone that I heard my first Christmas song. It was actually a video that I downloaded last year that somehow landed on her memory card whereas mine was deleted a long time ago. The song is Santa You Are The One.

Here it is!

It's actually in English so I didn't have a hard time understanding the song. It's a happy song perfect for Christmas. Hearing Kyuhyun's voice is always an awesome experience. Plus the MV also features TVXQ and my SHINee babies that in no time I'm singing along and has a huge grin on my face at the end of the song.

Merry Christmas everyone! Let's enjoy the holiday and share love not war. Santa will surely bless us all no matter how naughty and nice we have become this year.

Speaking of Santa, here's another song about him sung by TVXQ 5!

Aren't they awesome? Happy holidays!

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