Dec 7, 2012


"You and her... EPIC!"
- Caroline Forbes on Stefan and Elena

You and me both, sister! STELENA all the way!

Last week when I watched Episode 7 of Season 4, for the first time in my three years of being a TVD fan I cried for having too much feels. Stefan and Elena's break-up and the events after that are just too heart-breaking. It took me one week to digest everything and after one week I still have the  urge to write a blog post about it. So I'm writing this no matter what. I badly need to get this out of my system.

Here are my take on why Stefan is the right man...err... vampire for Elena. And before anything else let it be known that I wrote this before I watched episode 8 of Season 4.
  • Stefan came out with the truth
When Elena suspected that Stefan is not human he told her the truth without candy-coating it. He laid the truth out there for her to absorb. He took a gamble and revealed his secrets for a chance on love.

  • Stefan didn't compel Elena into doing anything
He let Elena decide on her own accord and never influenced her one way or another. When she learned the truth about him being a vampire, he didn't forced her into accepting him. She made the decision to love him in her own terms. For me, that means a lot because no matter how much I wouldn't want myself to get hurt and wish I forget the tragedy that is my life, I'd still want to make my own decisions.

  • Stefan cared for the people who matters to Elena
Stefan knew that family and friends are important to Elena that's why he makes it a point to keep them safe and alive. At least he did anyway. He would never jeopardize any of Elena's loved ones for his own selfish agenda.

  • Stefan fights for love
With his humanity at stake he continued to protect the people he love --- Elena and Damon. At one point his humanity was taken away from him but he fought against his own demons and persevere for the girl he love and to keep his brother alive.

  • Finders Keepers is invalid
We all know it was Damon who found Elena first but we also knew he chose to make her forget. That's as good as saying that it was not love at first sight. If it is, he should have stayed and took his chance. But he didn't. What happened afterwards is not something that should be taken against Stefan.

  • Stefan is willing to let go
The wheels have turned and now Elena's feelings for Damon is heightened. She and Stefan broke up and when Elena said he should let her go, he is willing to do it. Again a reminder that he always let her make her own decision. No matter how painful it is.

Hmm... Maybe he should do that because when everything is settled and Elena had the chance to get down and dirty with Damon, she would realize that time and again, it is always Stefan. No sire-bond and whatnot can ever change that... and oh! Let's not forget that Elena chose Stefan over Damon at the end of Season 3. That was before she became a vampire. That should matter.

There you go! I'm sure there are other things that makes Stefan the better man and I'm also certain that Team Delena has a lot to say about the turn of events in TVD Season 4 but as a fan and a Stelena-shipper at that, what I enumerated above are the things that strikes me as Stefan's best qualities and makes Stelena EPIC.

Stefan, hang in there buddy! We'll get through this! And if she doesn't chose you, let me love you instead. ^_^

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