Dec 15, 2012

A Fan Account on the Full House Series

Eight in the morning. A girl is tending to a bed of roses and daisies assigned to her by the TLE teacher. Suddenly she heard a girlish shriek from a distance,

"Borzzz! Nindot kaayo ang episode sa Full House gabii! Kyaaaaah!"
(Borzzz! Last night's episode of Full House is so awesome! Kyaaaaah!")

The world faded in the background while the two girls and four of their close friends succumbed to the call of fangirling that day.

The girl who was tending to the roses and daisies was me and the girl I heard shrieking that morning was my bestfriend. That was a memory from high school and my surviving memory of the original drama. My BFF was crazy about Full House when we were in high school and she dragged me into watching and fangirling it too. It was fun and it was the drama that triggered our penchant for dramas that has arranged/contract marriage for a theme. Full House will forever be a part of our teenage fan life.

As Full House fan girls we were ecstatic when rumors of a season two came out years after the success of the first one. But then it were only rumors and it would surface again and again and again without coming to fruition until we gave up hoping. Well... at least I gave up for a Rain-Song Hye Gyo comeback drama. After years of watching K-Drama I've known enough that it is a rule in Kdramaland or something that a couple who shot to fame via hit drama once will not work together again.

Fast forward to 2012 when the rumors of a season 2 surfaced again complete with a new set of cast. I followed the news and watched as the rumors became concrete fact. Full House Take 2 is finally coming to the small screen!

.. but they dropped it like this.

What a downer! It was a good thing that I didn't have high expectation for the drama. That perm on No Min Woo and Hwang Jung Eum were so horrible. The hair coupled with the fact that it was aired in Japan before a TV station in the home country picked it up, I can't help thinking that Full House Take 2 is bad news.

Still, I gave it a try. What's a 30-minute ride a day to Kdramaland, right?

Sixteen episodes later I consider myself lucky for sticking around Full House Take 2. After the initial shock of the perm and the constant reminder of how horrible the main couple's hairstyle are every episode, Full House Take 2 is actually an interesting drama. It does not focus solely on a man and a woman stuck in a contract deal but it is about friendship, family, loyalty and bromance.

No Min Woo and Park Ki Woong

It's the bromance between the Take One duo that made this one special among other things... and I'm going to talk about that in my official review of Full House Take 2.

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  1. huwaaaahh.. naremember jud nako ang days na mura pa ko ug wati magkilig2 sa mga kdrama!!!! ahahaha -bibor