Nov 28, 2012

JYJ is Free and what I feel about it.

I came across the name TVXQ in 2009. I watched the MV of Mirotic and joined Cassiopeia right there and then. I fangirl like crazy in a matter of weeks after that with the help of my best friend. Bibor gave me TVXQ videos and shit that I couldn't possibly get a hold of on my own. Little did I know that my happiness within the fandom would be short-lived. Shit got real literally. Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong left SME while Changmin and Yunho stayed behind. TVXQ was split into two groups, JaeChunSu and Homin, and all hell broke loose.

I remember spending too much time worrying over the split. My Best friend and I would have long talks about TVXQ and would eventually tear up when the subject of the break-up is brought up. In my hours of solitude, I would cry like a lost girl over the fate of my idols. Thankfully I have my blog where I let go some of those feelings.

After more than three years, JYJ and SM Entertainment's legal battle comes to an end. Now, JYJ is free and SME has no more reign over their activities.

I should be happy right? Freedom is sweet ! After all the hullabaloo, JYJ will now have the chance to spread their wings fully. Opportunities are right around the corner for them. It's now time to claim what the Korean entertainment world owed them. Seriously, I should be happy for JYJ.

But I know in my heart of hearts that this victory is not as sweet as I thought it would be. I can not deny the fact that the fight is over. In all sense of the word, TVXQ is now only Changmin and Yunho. JYJ is a separate group with their own identity and activities. There's no more possibility of reforming TVXQ with five members. I can say that I still believe and that I'll "Always Keep The Faith" but what's the point of that now?

No more Jung Family moments like this? Really? This is so sad.
I've gone on autopilot while writing this post. I haven't quite sorted my feelings yet. In all honesty, I am not jumping around with happiness but I am also not in a state of depression. My god, I can not go back to that craziness again. For now, I just have to write a post about JYJ's freedom and my initial thought about it. Maybe I'll write a final post regarding this issue later.

Anyhow, Congratulations to Junsu, Jae and Chunie! I know you really deserve it.



  1. Riding on the same boat. We're in the same state. It's just that i couldn't fully express my feeling in a blog. Poor me.:< Back to JYJ and TVXQ. There was a net release of Xiah's words regarding TVXQ-JYJ-SM. Xiah drew a particular attention stating that it is not a battle between TVXQ and JYJ, but SME.(he really have to remind those half-minded freaks ><) And it adds another emotional point when he stated these lines --> "Nothing will ever be as memorable and fill me with joy than if I Could stand on stage again as TVXQ one day"
    I was in my deep thought after reading this, that these words might bring a new hope, To some including me. Hope that they'll reunite.Maybe not now. But one day(As Xiah said)... Myr-Ah~ eotteoke?!

    1. I just read Junsu's interview and I'm glad he said that. The fight was really against SME after all. I would be the happiest fan in the world if they ever stand on the same stage again as five... maybe in the future? For now, I know that would be hard to do because I'm sure as hell SME won't allow HoMin to sing even a chorus of one of their old song with JYJ. It's sad, but it's the truth. Aigoo... eoteoke??!

      Thank you for commenting here Yeo Shin chingu. <3