Dec 31, 2011

A Year Full of Drama --- Korean style

Fact about me --- a Korean drama lover. A year wouldn't be complete without spazzing about a drama or two. If anything, my list of favorite Korean celebs is constantly growing with every drama I watch.

This year takes a different turn in my Kdramaland experience. Because this year I watched Korean dramas to my heart's content. Going from following one drama that is currently airing that month to juggling three on-going dramas that I can't put down even though my eyes are about to give up. What can I say, I've had a lot of free time this year.

Before the year ends, I have this sudden urge to list the dramas that I watched this year. I want to have a written proof that 2011 is a year full of Kdrama for me, this kind of experience might not happen again in the coming years, you know. ^_^v

In alphabetical order these are the dramas I watched in year 2011 (and I added a short comment for the sake of it):

City Hunter: Lee Min Ho as City Hunter was the best thing the Kdrama gods gave me this year. This is my second favorite drama of the year. Action, drama, romance and heart rolled into one series. I WANT SEASON 2!!! [Who am I to fool anyone that I didn't enjoy pairing Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young?! Dude, they are one hot couple! and Who am I to fool anyone that I didn't stayed online a whole day or two when the news of them dating in real life broke out? One the silliest fangirl moment of the year. Min-Min couple fighting!]

Dream High: Real KPOP idols doing their KPOP acts in a drama is a thing that makes a fangirl squeal in delight. Add some underdog-to-stardom story and they've made the start of the year so much fun!

Lie To Me: I endured watching this crap because of Yoon Eun Hye. The things a fan would do for her idol. *Sigh*

Miss Ripley: This drama gave me the satisfaction of cursing Lee Da Hae without feeling ashamed of myself. Watching melodrama has never been so infuriating. Also, gotta support Park Yoochun all the way!

My Princess: Omo! The cheeziness of it all makes me smile all the time. I am not one of those fans who shipped older actors but damned Song Seung Hoon and Kim Tae Hee made me reconsider. OTP of the year!

Protect The Boss: I watched this drama to support Kim Jaejoong's debut to the Korean drama industry. The things a Cassie would do for TVXQ. But unlike LTM Me, I enjoyed watching PTB because Kim Jaejoong is hot. Bwahahaha! Also, it gave me the chance to reconnect with Ji Sung. The man I gave my fourth-year-high-school-heart to. =P

Spy Myung Wol: What can I say? This is the craziest drama I have ever followed this year. Although the drama itself promised to give me something to enjoy, the drama behind the scene of the drama is much more interesting. Too much drama.

The Princess' Man: I have to say THIS IS MY FAVORITE DRAMA OF THE YEAR!!! What drove me into watching TPM is the Romeo and Juliet plot but as I moved further into the series I found myself so engrossed with the history that is told in the story. I've watched Jumong, Queen Seon Duk and Sungkyunkwan Scandal - all of these are sageuk dramas but they never made me want to study the history of Korea like TPM did. The dirty politics that was the central point in TPM was what made it the best drama for me. It's also worth mentioning that TPM changed the way I want my korean drama nowadays. I want depth in them now.

You've Fallen For Me: I always have it in mind that this is the drama where Shin Woo-hyung gets the chance to have Go Mi Nam as his girlfriend. Lol. The story itself is fairly forgettable for me who doesn't buy all the teeny giggles it gave to others, but I have to admit I enjoyed the OST of YFFM. C. N. Blue fighting!

49 Days: Three words~ Death is inevitable. Amen to that. 49 Days has one of the most gripping storyline this year and it has the most beautiful casts. And i'll say this again because I love saying it; "If all death reapers have Jung Il Woo's pretty face... Death, take me anytime." =)

That concludes the list of the dramas I watched this year. I didn't include Flower Boy Ramyun Shop because I'm still finding time to finish it and High Kick 3 because it's not finished yet. It is a fun year for me in Kdramaland. It is quite an experience really and I hope 2012 will be good and will give me the same or much better dose of dramas I got this year.

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