Nov 9, 2012

On Hanguk Aegyo and Friendship

I am no stranger to meeting friends online. Being a fan girl, I am bound to cross paths with fellow fan girls and fan boys over the countless hours on the internet. In a way, I am an old soul when it comes to blurting out, "Hey! You're a fan of ____? Me too!".

Artwork by my friend, Vee.

Not long ago, I met a bunch of people while wandering around the chat rooms of Uzzap. We called our group Hanguk Aegyo and Friendship, better known as HAF. From the name itself it gives the idea that we came together and bonded because of our common interest and passion to the Korean Wave.

credits to: 정여신,정재교

I've known them for two years and I couldn't be more glad to have crossed paths with these talented friends. In HAF, we have singers, dancers, coverists, cheerleaders, fan fiction writers and flashmobbers. Our group also has uber loyal KPOP fan girls and fan boys. Some of our members had attended fan meetings and concerts of KPOP artists who visited the Philippines. On top of that, some have attended quite a number of fan events in the country. Whew! These are things that true-blue KPOP fans do and we all did our fair share of it all.

There is nothing wrong with meeting strangers online and become their friend. Just take some precautions while you're at it. We'll never know that those strangers-turned-friends might bring out the best in us. As for me, being a KPOP fan requires craziness that is incomprehensible to the common folks. That's why I am really glad that I can be as crazy as I can when I'm fangirling together with my friends at Hanguk Aegyo and Friendship. *\(^_^)/*

To my HAFriends who are reading this post, Thanks for dropping by! This post is my tribute to our two years of friendship. Cheers!


  1. Wow, Myr!!! You're the best, as always!!! ^^

  2. Onee chan daebak!! (*¯︶¯*)

  3. cheers! what can i say? super proud to be part of this group! ^^
    maxie, still, ur the man!