Nov 19, 2013

Answer Me Strikes Back

When I wrote the post Drama Expectation 2: Answer Me Future Top Team Heirs I used the poster of Answer Me 1994 as the featured image. I put it out there as a sign of good faith that the drama will be awesome and that it would satisfy my expectation if not exceed it. Among those four dramas I talked about I would give everything for AM1994 to be a success, ratings-wise and story-wise, because I love its predecessor with all the good stuff it has given me last year and I'd like to witness that kind of craziness once again.

Well well well... I'm happy to report that Answer Me 1994 did it! It has exceeded my expectation! Story-wise it's as good as the Answer Me drama we had last year and ratings-wise, it's raking in double digits in real-time. Hooray! Congratulations Team!

Now let me point out the things I love about Answer Me 1994:

  • The boarding house set up. I love it because I stayed at a boarding house when I was in college myself and the things they went through living in the city for the first time, most of it happened to me as well.
  • The crossover, meta and cameos. One character from AM1997 made a drama crossover, one character was named after Sung Dong Il ahjusshi's son and a fave KPOP idol made an extended cameo. Fan service doesn't hurt if it's done right. I want more!
  • The emotional punch is still as strong as ever. One moment I'm laughing out loud the next I'm trying so hard not to cry. The Answer Me dramas really know how to hit me right there where it matters.
  • The guessing game is better but harder. No one ever had a doubt that Yoon Jae will get the girl last year, but this time around, even after ten episodes, we can't be totally sure who is Na Jung's husband because the force is strong with both guys. or maybe I'm just biased.

  • C-H-I-L-B-O-N-G-I-E! Team Chilbongie all the way! Even if it meant I'd have a hard time putting the broken pieces of my heart back together at the end of the 20th episode.

The drama is still halfway through but it's a success already and I'm a happy fan! But please drama, if you're going to break my heart at the end break it with a good enough reason because right now I know Chilbongie deserves Na Jung more than ever.

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