Nov 21, 2013


It is said that you're not a true Answer Me 1994 fan if you don't choose which team you are part of, no in-between, no protecting your shipper heart. It is full on dance of joy or a weeping mess at the end of this drama. So let me say it out loud that I am TEAM CHILBONGIE! For better or for worse.

Even before I started watching Answer Me 1994 I am always Team Chilbongie or to be precise, Team Yoo Yeon Seok. I like Yoo Yeon Seok, I like him a lot. He played undesirable characters before (Architecture 101, A Werewolf Boy, Gu Family Book) but I never really had the heart to truly hate him even if he tried his hardest. How can I hate that pretty face, right? (and yes, I am shallow. HAHA) What I did is the opposite, I became his fan and I waited for drama production companies to offer him a leading role because that face and talent is male lead material. Anyone who said otherwise will be dead meat. Lol

When news broke out that he got a part in Answer Me 1994, I got uber excited. This is it! Finally! Yoo Yeon Seok as the leading man... or is he?

As I've said in my previous post, even after ten episodes into the drama I am still not 100% sure that Chilbongie is the husband. In true Answer Me fashion the identity of the heroine's one true love is still vague with lots of misdirections, useless clues and annoying stand-ins. Pfft!

And If I am being honest, I think it's not Chilbongie at all. We've played this game last year and if I based AM1994 to that, the chance of Chilbongie getting the girl is zero. Nada! Although AM1994 has more episodes and longer running time per episode, it follows the exact same pattern as Answer Me 1997. Take these:

  • There was no mistaking that Yoon Jae was the main lead last year because the drama was built up around him as early as the first hour of that drama and Trash oppa was built up that way.
  • Yoon Jin ended up with Sung Kyun (the oldest actor in the group) just like Hak Chan became Yoo Jung's fiance.
  • Trash oppa is awesome, Yoon Jae was awesome!
  • And of course, Trash oppa is Na Jung first love. That says a lot.

Pointing out all that was a blow to my shipper heart but I am still holding on to that tiny string of hope that Team Chilbongie will win this guessing game. And after watching 10 episodes I am more than convinced that he is the one for Na Jung. (Of course I am being biased. Hehe) Here's my take why Na Jung should choose our Chilbongie:

1. When asked to choose between Na Jung and Yoon Jin, he chose Na Jung no matter what. There is no mixed signals with this guy. When he realized he likes Na Jung, there was no beating around the bushes for him. He pursued her with lots of lingering stares and puppy eyes. Oh the feels.

2. Chilbongie melts any girl's heart. He ditched baseball practice just to be with Na Jung even if he has to take a punishment by doing so. If he can't ditch practice and has to go to an away game, he makes it a point to check on Na Jung, making up excuses just to talk to her on the phone. How cute is that? He hangs around until she's done with her part time job just to walk her home. He endured a 12-hour bus ride just to be with her for only 3 hours. *melts* Who wouldn't love this guy, seriously.

3. That magic eye thingy. That was the cutest way of telling a girl you like her. It's unfortunate Na Jung didn't figure it out.

4. Lastly, Na Jung, like all other girls out there, wants to love and feel loved. Being in love should be a happy feeling and we know where she can get all that.

I have nothing against Trash oppa. I mean, Oppa is awesome. Right now he has the upper hand because Na Jung likes him. But really, if we sum all the points so far, Chilbongie is the man!

Uh oh! Look at that. This is the problem when I get too attached to a drama, I can't seem to stop talking about it. Anyhow, I've said my piece and a half. TEAM CHILBONGIE ALL THE WAY!

No turning back. No abandoning ship at the last hour. I will go down with this ship if I had to. I'll just buy all the glue in town to fix my broken heart if it turns out that Kim Jae Joon is not Chilbongie. *sniff*

P.S. I've found a drama crack and this is just the second AM1994-related post of the many to come. *evil laugh*

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