Oct 15, 2013

[Book Review] The House of Hades by Rick Riordan

The House of Hades is the continuation of that damned cliffhanger in The Mark of Athena. Together, Annabeth and Percy must battle their way through Tartarus to locate the Doors of Death and seal it while the rest of the group must go to the House of Hades in the mortal side and seal the door there too. The question is, if they sealed both sides, how can Annabeth and Percy escape?

They know the plan is flawed but they have no choice. If they don't seal the Doors of Death Gaea's minions will never die and all attempt to stop them from raising Gaea will be pointless. To top it all, the Romans are on their way to Camp Half-blood to start a war. Needless to say, they must succeed or else.

The story is told by the seven demigods alternating between the group left in the Mediterranean and the pair in Tartarus. This is the ultimate test of courage, strength and determination. The stakes are even higher and sacrifices are made by the most unlikely characters in this fourth book of The Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan.

Frank, Jason and Hazel

Let's start with the six demigods left in the mortal side. At this point in their quest they had already proven their worth in the team but they have to buckle up and get ready to face a lot more foes in order to reach the House of Hades on time. As they sail their way to Greece, our heroes take turns in improving their god-given powers, fulfill what they are truly destined to become and make that ultimate choice, Greek or Roman. Our heroes is at a crossroads, they have to choose their path and they all know there's no turning back once the choice is made.

This time the spot light is directed to the demigods who were originally from Camp Jupiter. Hazel has to make peace with her past and accept her magical talents; Frank has own up to his family legacy and become a proud son of Mars; and Jason has to follow his heart's desire and choose one camp over the other. I am proud to say that they all made the right choice.

Annabeth and Percy all grown up. Awwww~

Now let's head on to Tartarus with Annabeth and Percy. Their journey in the pit of doom is the hardest of all. And by hardest I mean all their quest in the past felt like a picnic compared to the ones they had to endure in Tartarus. Breathing alone is painful but they also have to face hardcore monsters and old enemies that are hellbent in destroying them. The thought of having a life together after they defeat Gaea is what made them move forward but the ultimate weapon that made them survive Tartarus was their fortunate meeting with Bob and Damasen. A Titan and a Giant who became their friends. These two took a leap of faith in order to change their destinies and in the process sacrificed their lives to help Percy and Annabeth. I read Chapters 69 to 72 with tears in my eyes. Seriously, it was so bittersweet.

Nico di Angelo

Finally, there's Nico di Angelo. Hmmm... what do I have to say about our oddball Nico? Until now I'm still in shocked with this revelation. Seriously, I didn't see that one coming! Nonetheless, I am quite proud of Nico for having the courage to own up to his feelings. It has to be a sour pill to swallow but he swallowed it for the sake of the quest! But.... uhhmmm... Where do I sign up for that fandom therapy session?

In The House of Hades we saw our demigod heroes at a crossroad. A crossroad where the only choice is to move forward and turning back is not an option. They came out of it better and stronger than ever. Now it's time to face Gaea and her army.


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