Sep 22, 2012

Is it okay to fangirl this much? Answer Me 1997!


It’s just too good for words and I don’t even know where to begin but I will try to write something coherent for the love of Reply 1997 (a.k.a. Answer Me 1997)!

I watched the final episode last night and I’d tell you, Reply 1997 is awesome from start to finish. There is no boring moments and each time you finish an episode you can’t help wanting for more. I didn’t fan girl so hard over a drama since 2009 with You Are Beautiful. I'm like a kid high on sugar with the level of fangirling I did for the whole run of this drama.

What am I like when I'm in full fangirl mode? Imagine these:

  • I've created lame fan arts for the drama. 
I don't care if this is lame.
  • I join discussions in drama blog sites and I hang around YouTube to comment on officially released videos.
  • I shipped Seo In Guk and Jung Eun Ji with a Vic-Barbie intensity. And I’d tell you that is serious business in high school.
I know right?
  • I've memorized the song All For You for crying out loud! And it’s in Hangukeo! Watch the MV here and the Live Performance here. DAEBAK!
  • It’s what I talk about the most in social networking sites. Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook - you can definitely see a post or more about Reply 1997 in my accounts there. Okay, even in text messaging.
A photo post in Tumblr that got 11 notes. I'm happy with just 11.
  • I tell everyone in my K-Drama (and KPOP!) circle to watch Reply 1997 and even those who are not K-Entertainment fans.
  • And lastly and maybe the craziest I've done for this drama, I watched the last six episodes in RAW (without English subtitles) first and then watched it again with English subtitles. I was so hooked up that I became impatient. I wanted to watch the new episode as soon as the videos are out. Even if my comprehension skill of the Korean language is poor and I only understand few of the dialogues, I didn't care. I want my dose of the drama that hard. I might have to thank all those other dramas I watched over the years because I’m no stranger to words like joahae, saranghae, namja, chingu anymore.

This post was supposed to be a review but I can’t help blabbering. I guess I needed to blab before I can actually write a decent review. And I think I have to stop listening to the OST while writing. It’s distracting. How am I supposed to write a decent sentence with Seo In Guk and Jung Eun Ji singing “Is only for you, just wanna be for you” in the background? Nice distraction though.

Before I end this post, Reply 1997 is officially my favorite youth drama of all time because DBSK was in it!
Uhmm. I mean not physically but the boys are part of the plot in the final episode. Hug was part of the soundtrack, there was a scene from the Rising Sun showcase and Cassiopeia played a big role to wrap up the story nicely. I love that the drama didn't only cater to the fangirldom of the 90s but also for the new generation of KPOP fans. And how cute is that that my favorite member of After School is Cassiopeia’s president in this drama. Fangirl gone haywire mode.

Okay. I’ll stop now.

Check out my serious review by clicking this link. Thank you!

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