Apr 27, 2013

SHINee's Wonderful Day

SHINee is gearing up for their 2013 comeback. There going to release their 3th album "Dream Girl" on the 19th and I'm so excited along with the legion of Shawols out there.

Before that though, SM decided to give them a few precious days off their busy schedules. The five members of SHINee went to the country of their choice, stayed there for 4 days and 3 nights and took the time to relax and have a vacation that they deserve.

Now, I'm going to talk (or more likely blab) about the first episode of SHINee's Wonderful Day brought to you by SM Entertainment and MBC!

Minho chose to go to England. He chose England so he could watch football games live. Minho is a big fan of football and even acknowledge the fact that if he didn't became a celebrity, he's probably a football player by now. He watched two games while in UK, a match between Sunderland and Queen's Park Rangers (QPR) and a game with Manchester United. He even got lucky he met and high-fived with QPR's Park Ji Sung.

Key also chose to go to England. He went there for an entirely different reason. That is to wander the streets of London, pretend that he is a kid who lives there. A true London fashionista, that is, and he pulled it off. Key is very well-versed in the English language and managed to strike up conversations with the local citizens. He also went to see his designer friend Cari. They talked about doing a collaboration for SHINee's jacket designs for the upcoming comeback!

Jonghyun decided to go somewhere nearby. He went to Japan to "play in the workplace". Japan is an important ground to SHINee as they have been performing there since 2011 but as Jong Hyun said, Japan is a workplace and he didn't have the opportunity to see it in a tourist's eyes. Jonghyun had a nice vacation there; he walked the streets of Japan that he only travelled by car, ate fresh and hot Takoyaki right there in the street, went to the concert grounds and saw it from the outside and went to Japan's famous spots.

Maknae Taemin went to Switzerland. He went there to see the village of Leukerbad that looked like a magical place straight out of a fairy tale. Seriously, it was so pretty. On the second day the real reason why he went there was revealed. He wanted to do skydiving! But the snow made it impossible to do the extreme sport and rescheduled it for the next day. Taemin successfully performed skydiving the next day. It was a turning point for him. After doing something scary like that, he had shown to his hyungs and the world that he had grown up and he's not a kid that needed protecting anymore. Yay for Tae-MAN!

Last but not the least is Leader Onew! Onew is the member who needed this break the most. Being the leader, the responsibility to take care of the group is on his shoulder and after almost five years since their debut, Onew has faced quite a lot of hardships. (The horror of him collapsing several times on stage while performing is still fresh on my mind. T___T) Thus he grabbed the chance to go somewhere to do some "healing". Off he we to Krabi, Thailand! To quote Onew himself, "When it is winter you have to go to a tropical country."

Onew made the most of his healing vacation in Thailand. He ate delicious seafoods that can only be found in Krabi, played with a group of monkeys, enjoyed the warmth of Aonang Beach, relaxed at an open-air spa and went scuba diving. Based on the glowing aura that can be seen throughout Onew's time in Thailand, he must have healed himself.

After going on a vacation, the five members of SHINee has been recharged and are now ready to move forward, inspire a lot of people and shine brighter than ever!

3집 대박!

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