Apr 25, 2013

Running Man's Couple of Destiny

Episode 142 of Running Man is entitled "The Couple of Destiny". That would be the appropriate title given that their guest is the nation's best couple --- Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Bo Young from the hit drama  My Daughter Seo Young. Yay! From the title itself, I knew good stuff is coming my way!

True enough! If Running Man is to have a "Best Couple Race", it goes without saying that they would  acknowledge the Monday Couple as the show's best couple ever. Even real-life relationship can't stop the  squee-fest that is the Gary-Jihyo love line!

The episode started with some highlights of the show's best couple moments and who would lead the pack  but the Monday Couple! Oh yeah! Cut to the opening scene where everyone complemented Gary for dressing  up in celebrity style and Ji Hyo looking pretty too.

Suk Jin: I think being in love makes her pretty.
Jae Suk: What's going on with you two?
Haha: I'm so confused by these two.
Gary (to Ji Hyo): I told you not to wear high heels during the opening scenes.
Wearing heels makes me  look shorter. So you have to help me look better.

The cast and guests are then grouped into three for the race. Gary and Ji Hyo are teamed up with Lee Sang Yoon as the Green Team. In the car ride to the first mission, our Couple complemented Lee Sang Yoon for being smart and athletic but it wasn't long enough before they started bickering again  just like old times.

Ji Hyo: Kang Gary should've been teamed up with Lee Bo Young today. You must be disappointed.
Gary: I can't betray you like that on a Monday.
Ji Hyo: Aigoo. Listen to you. Why not? You were having fun with Lee Yeon Hee a couple of weeks ago.
Gary: Were you jealous?
Ji Hyo: Oh my goodness!
Gary: I'm a little jealous today myself.
Ji Hyo: Don't kid yourself. You have no idea how close Sang Yoon and I are.
Gary: Really?
This kind of bickering is what made them Monday Couple. Woot!

First mission: A member sits in a hand carriage and the one being carried must make a goal with the  empty cup to pass.

The green team were the last to arrive. When Ji Hyo was getting ready to sit, she fixed Gary's cap so it  wouldn't be a hindrance while she's being carried. It was a simple gesture but the crowd of onlookers  went "Oooooooooooooh!" and made a great deal out of it. (I love you, people!)

Gary: You saw that right?
Ji Hyo: What?

As if you didn't just fix his cap! That's as sweet as tying a man's necktie! Photo op commence!

Green Team were the last to accomplish the mission. While in the car to the 2nd mission:

Sang Yoon: There's something I'm curious about...
Gary: Yes?
Sang Yoon: Do you two keep in close contact on other days besides Monday?
Gary: On Mondays, more than any other couple... we're as sweet as candy.
Ji Hyo: Sweet yet always fighting!
Gary: If we stay close and do the show together for 7-8 years... Then I bet you'll be the longest relationship I've ever had.

Ack! Way to go, Gary! Just don't overdo it, okay? Both of us might get our hearts broken again later. T_T

The episode went on for more or less an hour after that. The final couple selection was done by drawing of balls with the members' name written on it. The ultimate winner will be the last surviving couple or the solo seeker.

Fate didn't interfere with our Monday Couple and paired them to other people. I guess our Monday Couple is not the Couple of Destiny???! But hey! I'll take what I can get!

... and it's Seeker Haha who won the final game and shared the couple bracelet he got with wife, Byul.  CUTE!

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