Apr 9, 2013

Percy is my new Harry!

The Harry Potter book series ended more than five years ago. Back then we still had the movies. Then on 2011 the movie franchise finally waved its goodbye. To say that I cried bucket of tears would be an understatement. But what can I do? It's the freakin' end!

Well... Thank the gods I found Percy!

I watched the movie Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief in 2010. I got curious about the story that I put reading the books on my priority list. I got around into reading the five-book series plus the first book in the spin-off series around the first quarter of 2011 and boy did it blow my mind! It was awesome! Rick Riordan is a brilliant writer! The movie didn't do it justice at all.

After some introduction and campaign in Facebook, me and my friends became official Percy Jackson fans! We anticipated the release of The Son of Neptune back in 2011. It was a relief to have friends who waited with me for The Mark of Athena to come out and last year it was both fun and frustrating to know that we'll wait again to read The House of Hades. Six more months!

What made me love the Percy Jackson series so much? Well...To answer that question I'd quote my friend Emily who said that "Percy Jackson filled the hole that Harry Potter left in our hearts." That's right! Percy let me re-live Harry's adventures. There are differences of course, one is a demigod and the other is a wizard, but as a whole they are the same kind boy who rose above himself and saved the world against the enemy.

They are both heroes of our generation! I am proud to be a fan of both!

Now that I'm on the subject of Percy Jackson let me just squeeze my thoughts on the upcoming movie.

I had this draft on my hard drive for a long time now and from time to time I wondered when will I be able to publish it. The time has come at last because the second movie is coming out soon. Seriously, I really thought it's not possible after the mess that was The Lightning Thief. I guess we are one hell of a fandom to merit another movie! After the hardcore campaign we did for it to push through, we deserve The Sea of Monsters and we're getting it soon. Hell yeah!

Based on this trailer, it is safe to say that Sea of Monsters will be a lot better that the first movie and will be more faithful to book, as faithful it can be. There is still the issue of Grover that have gained too may notes on my Tumblr but I guess all judgment should be made after the movie is released and pass through the critical eyes of the fans. Until then I'll keep my mouth shut.

August please come sooner!

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