Mar 31, 2013

Drama Expectations: Sageuk will be my crack of the year... I hope.

If my tweets tells me anything, it is the fact that the first quarter of 2013 has gone by without giving me my drama crack! The first quarter is usually the time when dramaland is full of new shows to get the fans excited. I remember 2011 gave me Dream High and 2012 gave me The Moon That Embraces The Sun and Shut Up Flower Boy Band. Good times, good times.

2013 started off with dramas that I enjoyed watching like School 2013 and Flower Boy Next Door, but aside from the bromance of Lee Jong Seok and Kim Woo Bin and the bubbly Yoon Shi Yoon, I find the other dramas bland and barely bearable. That maybe the case, I am not giving up on 2013. I am trusting the drama gods that they'll awaken the passionate fan in me.

Hmmm... Maybe sageuk(s) will do the job?

I'm currently excited for the premiere of three dramas and all of them are sageuk.

The first one is Gu Family Book that stars Lee Seung Gi and Suzy. It's a story of a half-human half-gumiho who is searching for the family book that contains the secret to becoming human. Lee Seung Gi is the gumiho this time? I'm IN! I'm pretty sure this will be a kickass drama based on the plot summary and photo stills but I'm more excited to watch Sung Joon on this one. My Sung Joon~~~ Too excited for my own good.

Next is Jang Ok Jung starring Kim Tae Hee and Yoo Ah In. Another retelling of the classic story of King Sukjong, Jang Hee Bin and Queen In Hyun. I am fascinated with this part of the Korean history where political struggle and political power play is at its best. I'd love to relive it! Of course there's Yoo Ah In who showed what badass meant in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and I really want to see him in a drama that is not an epic waste like Fashion King. This man has talent and we must use that talent to make awesome drama. Do you hear me, drama people?

Last but not the least is Mandate of Heaven starring Lee Dong Wook and Song Ji Hyo. I don't know much about the drama except that it's a medical sageuk but I am a fan of Running Man and I watch anything that the members do outside the show. If there's one thing that this drama got right is casting Song Ji Hyo because she's an experienced sageuk actress and I'm pretty confident she'll do an amazing job. I'm also quite excited to watch another Lee Dong Wook drama because Scent of A Woman felt like years ago. and don't you love him with his on-screen daughter?


I have always loved sageuk and I'm putting my faith on these dramas. Please be kickass, compelling and awesome. I don't want to wait until September to have my drama crack!

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