Mar 16, 2013

Oh my Yoo Seung Ho!

I first saw this young man in the 2010 drama God of Study. A smart high school student who took the challenge of getting admitted in a prestigious University with sheer hard work...

I watched him next in Arang and the Magistrate as the mischievous Jade Emperor. Despite the hideous wig, I held on to Arang because of him.

I was completely under his spell after Arang so I backtracked and watched the rom-com drama Operation Proposal.

The chemistry between him and Park Eun Bin just about killed me. After that, there was no turning back. Noona fan all the way!

Then I decided to marathon-watched his movies.

He debuted in the movie The Way Home and after watching him on that movie I can see why he created a buzz back then and why film critics dubbed him as the next big. It was such a heart-warming movie that overworked my tear ducts.

He showed his brilliant acting again in the movies Hearty Paws and Have You Seen Seoul? where he both played a loving brother to his younger sister. Man, I wish I had a brother like that!

Then there was A City of Fathers that has left me dazed for days.

Word to the wise: Don't try to watch these movies in one day or you'll suffer a heart failure. 

Even when I don't usually watch thriller movies, I braved through Blind and 4th Period Murder Mystery just to watch this guy in a new perspective. Again and again, this boy is awesome!

I rejoiced when I learned that he'll be joining my long-time favorites in I Miss You.

So when I heard the news that he'll enlist to the military after the drama, I literally heard my heart break.

Why oh why?!

But after going through a period of denial I realized that it's the best time for him to serve the military. I mean, he's been acting for more than a decade now and I think he's done all the role he can portray in that time frame. Also, he's still too young to take on roles where it's inevitable to make lovey-dovey with actresses that is older than him. It's better to do the service now and come back to claim that superstardom without the military to service to bite his ass later on.

I was ready to say goodbye. But today, I learned that Yoo Seung Ho has gone to the army without making a grand entrance... He enlisted on March 5 quietly with only his agency and family in tow...

Just like that, he's gone. I better accept it now.

Aigoo... Take care baby boy! Noona will wait for you. See you in two years! Come back with abs if you must!

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