Mar 20, 2013

Monday Couple returns

A picture paints a thousand words so what does this picture (or screencap. whatever) paints???

*incoherent spazzing after the jump, proceed at your own risk*

My feels... I can't. I can't even.

Why are you doing this to me?
Just kill me.
BRB. Need to calm down first.

For now let me just say that the screencaps were taken from the latest Running Man episode that I finished watching just minutes ago.

Gary... Ji Hyo... Wae??? Why did you make a comeback and targeted the shipper in me???


Edited on March 21, 2013.

I'm back to edit this one hell of a post. I can't believe how much energy and willpower are needed to make a post while you're flailing around the room. Man. The combination of elation and the fast beating of my shipper-heart almost knocked me out. I don't need sleeping pills! That's why it took me more than 24 hours to edit this. Aigoo!

episode 55

Monday Couple for me is a serious case of confusing reality with variety. From the first time I watched Running Man, I always thought that the love line between Gary and Song Ji Hyo should be extended to real life. Like for reals! They should get married already and have kids with Gary's eyes. I was that hardcore of a fan. Their couple moments on Running Man is something I look forward to every episode.

episode 74

So when the news broke out that Ji Hyo already has a boyfriend that led to the Monday Couple's break up is something of a huge blow to my shipper heart. More than the blow caused by Joong Ki's departure. Along with everyone else in the Running Man fandom, I had a hard time coping up. Time and again I would wait for reference to the old love line even if it was only for five seconds. When I didn't get one I stopped watching RM because I'm shallow that way. I would just watch on and off if my mood allows it.

After a long time, when I watched the second guesting of TVXQ on the show, I got a pleasant surprise when the Monday Couple became partners on that particular race. My shipper heart rejoiced!

After that I never missed an episode of Running Man hoping for more Monday Couple moments.

episode 133

There were few but I guess episode 137 is the highlight of it all. I don't care if it's premeditated or fate was just playing around with the fans' heart. It was really awesome! It was like watching a drama or something. Until now I can still feel the high when I watched that scene.

I want more Running Man!

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