Mar 16, 2013

[Book Review] Northanger Alibi by Jenni James

Time for another book review!

I'm going to write about The Northanger Alibi by Jenni James. A contemporary retelling of the classic novel Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen with a sprinkle of Twilight. Who's ready for a story of an Edward Cullen fantasy come to life?! Here goes...

Claire Hart is your typical sixteen year-old who wants to be out there and experience her firsts in life. First kiss, first boyfriend and first out-of-a-book romance. For the summer break she landed herself in Seattle  Washington, home state of Edward Cullen nonetheless. While in Seattle she experienced everything that she ever wanted except it's a lot better because she got to experience it the way Bella did with vampires and werewolves... or so she thought.

Heads Up Twihards! The Northanger Alibi is a story about a girl so engrossed to The Twilight Saga that she started thinking everything that had happened to Bella is also happening to her. If you've ever experienced that or would like to know what a tale that is, give this book a quick read and you'll definitely get a good laugh. Come on, admit it! You knew you once wished to have your very own Edward Cullen.

I read Jenni James' Pride and Popularity last year and totally enjoyed it. Now I've read the second book on her Jane Austen Diaries and it is still a fun read. Northanger Alibi is a book filled with humor, fateful encounters, heart fluttering confessions and just about everything in a teen romance handbook. It's a book that can be read in one sitting that will surely put a smile on your face after you read it. A breath of fresh air if you're one of those readers who alternate reading books on the more popular genres such as paranormal romance, sci-fi and suspense. I'm like that too and at some point I get tired of it all so I welcome easy-read books like Northanger Alibi.

That said, I'm hanging around to read the rest of Jenni James' book in the Jane Austen Diaries. There's still Persuaded and Emmalee!

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