Nov 15, 2012

HPC's Monthly Caption Contest

Another package arrived at my doorstep just a few days ago, this time it's from Harry Potter Clan Philippines Official Facebook Page!

Harry Potter Clan Philippines launched the Monthly Caption Contest last October with the purpose of bringing out the creative and wacky sides of its members and fans. The mechanics are simple: Harry Potter fans in the Philippines will have to think of a Rated PG caption for a given image of the month and e-mail it to the organizers with their personal information. That's it! The voting for the most creative caption begins two weeks after the release of the image and it would be up to the participants to think of a strategy on how to gain enough Likes on their entries to win.

Well, I am the winner for the month of October and I am a happy fan!

My winnings are these collectibles:


Visit Harry Potter Clan Philippines' Official Facebook Page and check out the Notes section if you want to join the contest and win these items as well. I believe they are still accepting captions for the month of November. Go!

Thank you again, Harry Potter Clan Philippines!

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