Feb 4, 2011

ALL IS WELL ... The End Is Near

Am I ready to say good bye? It was hard to say good bye to some dramas that I only got to watch and follow for three to four months, what more to something that has been part of my life for a decade now. I’m talking about Harry Potter. Just by writing this blog makes me want to howl in agony.

In my past blogs I kept on talking about some good things must come to and end. And I quite handled that fairly. But Harry Potter is not just “some” thing for me. It’s like a body part without which I can not function properly. It’s been in my mind and my heart for quite sometime and saying goodbye is just too much to ask from me or for every Potterhead in the world for that matter.

Last November 18, 2010 I watched the part one of Deathly Hallows and watching it feels like the end of everything eventhough I know there is still part two. At the beginning of the movie I cried when Hermione obliviated her parents. In the middle I cried when Hedwig and Mad-Eye died. At the end I cried when Dobby saved Harry and his companions that he sacrificed his own life for them. It’s supposed to be a suspense movie but I can’t help being emotional that time.

Harry Potter is part of the many things I love and worship for the past ten years that eventhough I know when and how it’ll end it always caught me off guard. Harry Potter made me who I am today in one way or the other.

For now, I sooth myself thinking there’s still Deathly Hallows part two next year. Until then I’ll keep my emotions in the corner. After that this blog site will flood with my tears.

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