Mar 24, 2010

I Miss DBSK in Korea

My heart is breaking. I can’t help but be emotional while watching the old videos of my boys. I terribly miss them. I miss them to the fullest extent. I know it’s silly to feel this way but this is how I really feel. I am not one of those fans who spent their last five years with the boys but I feel the same way towards them. I love them with all my heart.

I feel so exhausted with all the recent drama surrounding my boys. From the lawsuit, separation of living quarters, cancellation of shows, disappearance from variety shows and the rumored disbandment, I am so depressed. It’s as if they’re not coming back to Korea again as DBSK. I can’t explain it really. I’ve been watching Korean shows of other idols lately and it makes me wonder, “What if I am watching Dong Bang Shin Ki right now? I would really enjoy it!” And there I was - I feel so sad. It would have been really nice to watch them in those shows. MY GOSH! I REALLY MISS THEM.

But then again, I have to believe in the five of them. They told us to trust them, so I trust them. They will stand on the same Korean stage again. Until that day come, I WILL ALWAYS KEEP MY FAITH AND HOPE ‘TIL THE END!

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