Sep 24, 2012

TVXQ is back!

I remember a couple of weeks ago, Yeoshin (a Cassie friend) and I had a little chat. We talked about our fandom and I told her that I could really use a new Korean album from TVXQ right now. For the first half of 2012 the boys are active in Japan and there's hardly a new KPOP song from them. It was January last year when they released Why (Keep Your Head Down) and that's, like, 20 months ago.

I need a new Korean song from TVXQ! I need a new Korean music video to write about!

Mushroom hair for Changmin!
For the last two weeks I saw a lot of pictures of Changmin and Yunho with a new hairstyle and I watched a recently uploaded Fancam on YouTube that had the two of them in a Korean variety show. Well, if those weren't signs that they are gearing for a Korean comeback, I don't know what is!

My wish of a new TVXQ Korean album came true when four days ago, SMTOWN's Official YT page released a teaser of Catch Me. Hooray!

Today, The full album and MV were released online! You can preview and buy it on iTunes.

Catch Me if you wanna~

Omo! My boys are back!

I will definitely spazz about it! For now I will listen to the whole album and pick my favorite song. Then I'll write another Catch Me-related post and MV review soon.

동방신기 6집 대박!

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