Jan 16, 2012

First Drama of 2012

The holidays are long over and it's time to go back to the real world. Uhmm... real world where fantasies come to life by urging you into full-time fangirl mode, hurting and/or damaging your already malfunctioning eyes, and ruining your chance for a good night sleep. Oh! But I'm not complaining... it's time to go back to Kdramaland!

For weeks now I've been wandering in the land of Kdrama hoping to find my first Kdrama of 2012. I've checked out Flower Boy Ramyun Shop in the rom-com department but after episode 5 I can't find the energy to finish it. I made it to episode 22 of Ojakkyo Brothers and boy it is indeed a beautiful and heart-tugging family drama. But I find it hard to catch up with a 58-episode drama. It is also the case with Vampire Idol, a sit-com, with 120 episodes. In time I will watch these dramas... but not now. I want something that is currently airing in Korea without me catching up with 10+ episodes that has been aired already. I want to go full-real-time fangirling mode with the rest of the Kdrama community. =)

Lo and behold! It came in the form of 'The Moon that Embraces The Sun'. Okay, I'll admit I jumped in to this drama because of the cast. It stars Ahn Nae Sang (High Kick 3, my ultimate ahjusshi/haraboji crush) Kim Soo Hyun (Dream High) and Jung Il Woo (49 Days). Umm.. need I say more???! Hahahaha! And it's sageuk! Sageuk is my current eye candy with all the pretty hanboks and glimpses of Korean history. I am in fangirl heaven!

Anyhow, The Moon that Embraces The Sun is about the forbidden love between the King (Kim Soo Hyun) and a shaman girl (Han Ga In). In the backdrop is the power play and political schemes that revolves around the King and his Hyung (Jung Il Woo). Basically it's like My Girlfriend is a Gumiho meets The Princess' Man. Kdrama gods sure are working their magic this early. ^_^

As of this writing I've watched episodes 1 to 4 already and so far I am enjoying myself. The youthful romances are something I found sweet. I am most interested in how they will present the feud between brothers because I know it will be heartbreaking. Even the monologue made by the older brother in episode 4 made me cry because I knew he loves his brother but also loves the girl. *Sigh*. Above all else I am anticipating yet dreading the unfolding of a tragic love between the King and the Shaman. 

Yay! Strong start and I'm IN all the way. It's a good start 2012!


  1. echus! kaw na jud may

  2. Salamat sa pagbasa ug sa comment! XD