Jan 25, 2012

One year with Running Man

This month I celebrate my one year of being a Running Man fan. Cheers for fangirl milestone like this. I couldn't be more proud of being a Running Man follower!

TVXQ (both as 5 and as a duo) has introduced me to a lot of things including Korean variety shows. Changmin and Yunho were doing promotions for Why last year and through their TV guestings I discovered Running Man (Thanks to Vee for the heads up!) and eversince episode 27 I've been following this show on and off.

I wasn't supposed to write this because it felt too generic for a blog post but Running Man gave me an early anniversary gift by having Choi Minho as one of their guests for the new year special. It was daebak! Thank you PD-nim! I'm a satiated fan.

I will do a marathon of the episodes I missed and those before episode 27 as a return favor. Hope I'll be able to do it soon. Fighting!

Monday couple fighting!

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